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I have been taking a generic version of Truvada for PrEP daily for 3 years so far. I haven’t experienced any side effects, my blood pressure has been normal, and I’ve remained HIV negative. AAA+ online pharmacy. Great and very affordable price on Tenvir EM. Highly recommend taking PrEP on a daily basis to everyone.William S.

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Studies have shown that PrEP is highly effective for preventing HIV if it is used as prescribed.Taking PrEP daily reduces the risk of getting HIV from sexual contact by more than 90%. Among people who drug addicted, it reduces the risk of getting HIV by more than 70%. Your risk score of getting HIV from bareback sex can be even lower if you combine PrEP with condoms or any other HIV prevention methods. Note that PrEP is much less effective when it is not taken consistently. Here’s what our customers say about Truvada generic for PReP.

I started to use Tenvir EM (Truvada generic equivalent) when another drug called Intelence affected my liver. As a result, I stopped use sleeping pills, and now I’m taking only one Tenvir pill before bed. Great price on generic version here. Perfect medicine.Jerry D., December 30, 2018

I can’t believe there are a few pre-exposure prophylaxis reviews here yet! I’ve been taken PrEP treatment for a little over 9 months, and it has been uneventful. Nothing has happened. Except, despite a huge increase in my sexual life. I don’t have HIV. So, I believe, Truvada generic works great! No noticeable side effects for me. Express shipping option is quite fast so what more could you ask for?Matthew T., January 20, 2019

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Here you can save thousands of dollars on your PrEP supply! Truvada generic equivalents Tenvir EM, Tenof EM, Ricovir EM, and Tavin EM from India are super affordable, easily accessible, and as effective alternatives as the expensive brand-name Truvada drug.

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The risk of HIV transmission occurs in several ways including sexual practices or by sharing needles with a person with HIV. Most people use Truvada for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) or condoms to protect themselves or reduce the risk of contracting HIV. But the question is… how?

Depending on your sex circumstances and behaviors which might put you at a higher risk of HIV infection, taking PrEP medication daily reduces the risk of contracting HIV by more than 90% if used properly. For people with drug addiction it reduces the risk of infection by more than 70%.

Numbers don’t lie. It’s the remedy you can’t afford to neglect if you really need to protect yourself from getting HIV. The Truvada for PrEP daily pills are the most sought-after tablets for most people. You may struggle to use condoms all the time but you may be forced to seek other alternatives like the Truvada for PrEP at one point in your life.

At BuyPrEPOnline online pharmacy, we sell very effective generic anti-HIV & AIDS medications at a price of 95-98% cheaper compared to the retail brand Truvada price. But why the cheap price? Keep on reading.

Reliable Indian Manufacturers

Our generic Truvada for PrEP meds are World Health Organization (WHO) and US FDA approved and are being used by thousands of people worldwide. We have the most reliable and leading Indian pharmaceuticals manufacturers and suppliers of generic drugs for treatment and pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV including those listed below.

Cipla It’s among the top 9 publicly listed pharma companies in India. It’s the global producer of branded and generic drugs.
Mylan A leading developer of active pharma ingredients and formulation of generic drugs, including prescription brand-name and generic medicines, and OTC remedies. Their marketing geographies span of 165+ countries globally.
Emcure Ranked in the top 15 largest pharmaceutical company in India manufacturing a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs including nephrology, cardiology, anti-infective, HIV, and gynecology, among others.
Hetero A market leader in developing anti-bacterials, ARV, and oncology medicines. They manufacture a broad range of branded generics across various therapies.

Indian pharmaceutical companies supply over 40% of global demand for generic medication to the U.S.

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There is no bigger concern than to have your desired medications reach you within the shortest time possible. We Ship PrEP & anti-HIV Drugs globally at an affordable price while we fulfill and adhere to our strict shipping regulations. Once you place an order and receive your payment, our best-in-class team dispatch it in just 2 hours and deliver to your address in 7-10 business days for US-based orders using the Express Mail Service (EMS). This service requires a signature upon delivery.

For the rest of the world, we deliver your orders in 10-21 business days, which is normally not trackable until your package reaches the destination country. Standard shipping option is not trackable and a signature is not required.

In some instances, if your package is lost or stuck in customs, we will offer free reshipment or give you a full refund.

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Most generic drugs are prescription free and are sold to consumers over-the-counter (OTC). Its best advised that you do have some knowledge on how to use it based on the information provided online by the seller and/or by any other legal domains that cover the same medication subject.

Note that our generic OTC PrEP & Anti-HIV drugs are FDA and WHO approved. This is to ensure that they contain ingredients that are safe and effective as the original brand drug when used without medical supervision.

We are absolutely assured in the purity and high-grade quality of our Indian generic drugs, and we assure you that you can shop with confidence. We make it easier for you to buy our drugs without prescription especially when you care about your privacy.

All our BuyPrEPOnline drugs are shipped in “close-lipped” packaging. Your order is wrapped in a non-descript packaging and there is no reference to the Truvada generic tablets & anti-HIV drugs or labels of our online Pharmacy store.

Cheap Truvada Generics vs Branded Medication?

It’s rightly questionable as to why we sell our generic medications at a very cheap price compared to the branded ones. The reality lies in the fact that our Indian generic anti-HIV drugs costs depend on retail prices in India. What’s more? As you may perceive, numerous drugs in economically developed nations like the U.K., U.S., Australia, and European nations sell their drugs at a higher price (in fact 20+ times more expensive) than the price in developing countries.

Brand name vs generic drugs

How? That’s the way the big pharma conspiracy theory operates globally, but you’re absolutely safe with your dollars when you order our medications from our cheap, efficient, and high-grade BuyPrEPOnline online store.

Be assured that our low price Truvada generics and anti-HIV drugs have the same ingredients and effectiveness as the original meds. High prices don’t mean high quality or high effectiveness. We are absolutely assured in the purity and the efficiency of our generic drugs that we give away a free sample pack of PrEP tablets and anti-HIV drugs.

Generic drugs are also easily available over-the-counter and you can easily order from online pharmacies thus saving you time and cost.

What Tablets Do We Have for Sale?

We have a variety of generic medication for ED, Hepatitis, PrEP, and Anti-HIV for treatment or prevention available for sale. Are you looking for emtricitabine with trade name Emtriva? Or tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (tenofovir DF) at a very cheap price? No matter the drug you want, you can easily find alternatives to these tablets from our online store using the category menu section or perform a quick search.

Here are some of the drugs available for sale at our BuyPrEPOnline online pharmacy.

Truvada generics HIV/AIDS treatment Hepatitis ED pills
Ricovir-EM, Tavin-EM, Tenof-EM, Tenvir-EM. Daruvir, Isentress, Zepdon, Maximune Saquinavir, Vonaday, Lopimune, Virotrenz, Indivan, Abamune-L, Synthivan, Trustiva, Vonavir, Lamivir HBV, Trioday, Tenvir-L, Tavin-L, Atazor, Efavir, Teevir, Viraday, Tavin, Lamivir, Duovir, Duovir N, Tafero-EM, Teravir, Lamivir S, Nevimune, Zidovir, Triomune, Stavir. Lucielo, Velpanat, MyHep All, Resof Total, Velpaclear, Velasof, Elbonix, Hepcinat-LP, Lucisovel, Panovir, LediHep, DaciHep, Hepcvir-L, X-VIR, Ledifos, SoviHep, EnteHep, Daclahep, Cronivir, Revolade, Lucisof, Hepcdac, MyDekla, HepCvir, HepBest, Revolade, Tafecta, Entavir. Levitra, Cialis, Viagra.

Ask Your Doctor About Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

Starting to take medications for PrEP & Anti-HIV drugs can be one of the best decisions you make in your lifetime.

PrEP is an HIV drug taken by an HIV-negative person to prevent infection. It highly reduces the risk of contracting HIV if taken consistently and correctly.

Nonetheless, PrEP doesn’t protect you against any other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like hepatitis C. I bet that using condoms provides the best protection against these STIs.

Before starting to use PrEP, it is advised to ask your doctor about these drugs and how best they can help you. The doctor knows how to make a diagnosis and what medicines to prescribe since there are PrEP, PEP – prevention HIV infection techniques.

Your doctor can further inform you which medication is best depending on your sex life. You’ll get helpful information including if PrEP is effective for vaginal and anal sex, why you should take PrEP, how you can start using PrEP or PEP, and for how long you need to take it.

Order Cost-Effective PrEP and Anti-HIV Drugs at 24/7 Pharmacy

Internet pharmacyOur generic drugs for treating and preventing HIV are effective and 95-98% cheaper than the brand-name drugs. What else can you ask? We sell our Indian generic drugs at retail prices, which makes it easily affordable for all people globally no matter their living standards.

Don’t mistake the effectiveness and quality of our generic medication with the low price we provide. The generic drugs contain the same ingredients and functionality as the original drug. Moreover, our drugs are FDA and WHO approved, giving you confidence in its effectiveness.

Our online generic PrEP & Anti-HIV drugs pharmacy operates 24/7 with excellent customer support. We put our customers first in everything we do. If you need to test the effectiveness of these drugs, we listen to your concerns, and we provide you with free tablets you can test. You only need to pay for shipping to have it delivered to your address within the shortest time.

Furthermore, with our cost-effective medications, you save money with all of these shopping experiences:

  • various discounts from time to time with our products;
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Moreover, we have a referral program where we assign you a unique affiliate link. When you refer a friend and successfully purchase with us, you earn yourself 5-10% commission paid directly to your affiliate dashboard on a weekly basis. You can use the money for your next order or withdraw to PayPal, a bank account, or directly to your Bitcoin wallet.

What’s more? Proceed to shop and give yourself happy sex free from HIV infections worries. Note that these drugs reduce the chance of HIV infections and it’s even safer if you combine PrEP with condoms.

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