Reviews of Tavin-EM Generic Drug

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No one likes to be ill, but there are diseases that do not only frighten, but cause horror. These are diseases for which an effective treatment doesn’t exist. All medical measures in their case are aimed at maintaining the life of a person, but there is no chance of recovery. Among such diseases is AIDS, which begins with HIV infection. HIV is dangerous because it can develop in the body without obvious signs, and its detection can be a real shock for a person. The carrier of the virus may seem quite healthy and prosperous, but sexual contact with him is fatal.

A condom can protect against HIV when it comes to sex, but people who share one needle don’t have any protection. Not so long ago, medicine was found which effectively shields healthy people from HIV infection – Truvada. If used correctly, it can guarantee 99% protection against HIV during sexual intercourse without a condom, as well as about 70% protection when sharing one needle. This drug is produced by Gilead and has a fairly high cost, sold only by a prescription and isn’t covered by all insurances. However, all these points shouldn’t be the reasons for the rejection of such helpful medicine, because there are high-quality and effective generics, with much lower cost. These include generic Tavin-EM, produced by a reliable and proven company, Emcure. If you have doubts about the reliability, safety, and effectiveness of this drug, then read Tavin-EM reviews. They will dispel them and answer many important questions.

Reviews of Tavin-EM generic drug

Trustworthy Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Why do we need reviews about drugs? These are real stories of people who tried the action of tablets on themselves. Perhaps their experience and opinion will provide information that can’t be found even in the most detailed medical instructions. Any company that wants to improve the quality of its work greatly appreciates customer feedback, which is why there are customer reviews on the BuyPrEPOnline website.

Below you can read some of them.

Truvada was prescribed as a PrEP to me by a doctor, but my insurance doesn’t cover this medicine. Then the doctor advised me of one of the generics, and I chose Tavin-EM. Half a year has passed since then, I have never regretted this decision – the HIV test is still negative and there were no side effects.

Tavin-EM was a real salvation for me, as it helped me not to worry about my health. I took pills regularly for about a year, and I am still healthy. There were a few side effects, such as nausea and insomnia, but they passed after the first month of administration, now I have nothing to complain about.

I took Truvada for quite a long time (about three years), but then the change of insurance made this drug too expensive for me. I had no financial opportunity to buy pills without insurance. Generic Tavin-EM allowed not to give up on PrEP, and I didn’t notice the difference in action. I’m still HIV negative thanks to Truvada and Tavin-EM.

I use Tavin-EM as a part of my HIV therapy. I took pills for about six months and during this time the amount of virus in my blood decreased significantly. There are side effects from taking the drug – my kidneys deteriorated, but not significantly, and can be treated. I think this is a small sacrifice for avoiding AIDS.

The news of my HIV-positive status was a real shock, but with the right treatment, it isn’t such a terrible sentence. I’ve taken Tavin-EM with other medicines for two years already. During this time my health has deteriorated slightly, but I don’t know which drug is to blame for this. However, HIV still didn’t become AIDS, and I am very pleased with this.

My partner is HIV-positive, and Tavin-EM allows me to maintain a close relationship with him without fear. I have used this drug for a year and a half, and I am still healthy and not afraid to get infected. There is sometimes bloating because of the drug, but it isn’t so scary.

I bought Tavin-EM after the doctor prescribed me Truvada to prevent HIV infection. Truvada is too expensive for me as I have no insurance. I learned about Tavin-EM from the testimonials about generic Truvada and purchased it at my own risk. Probably, this medicine works, since I haven’t caught HIV for now.

Tavin-EM fits me very well and works well with my other HIV medications – the amount of virus in my blood for the six months of administration decreased significantly. As for side effects, I didn’t notice anything new with the start of generic treatment. Remarkably, this drug is much cheaper than Truvada, and that is very important to me. I don’t want to spend all my money on treatment.

I’m using PrEP from time to time and maybe exactly thanks to this I’m still a healthy person. Recently, I used Tavin-EM and it suits me relatively well. There were minor sleep disorders, but this was predictable since I have trouble sleeping even without any medication. Properly chosen sedatives at bedtime helped to solve this problem, so in the end, there are no side effects and no HIV.

I have been using Truvada and its generics (including Tavin-EM) for many years, and I won’t hide – they affect my health significantly. Maybe it’s just my body fatigue because I have been taking drugs that don’t allow HIV to become AIDS for a long time. Thanks to them, I’m still afloat. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t start taking PrEP medicines even before I got infected with HIV.

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