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If you are looking for an effective and cheap HIV medicine, take a look at Instgra – the generic of Tivicay. This variant is affordable and just as effective as the popular and brand-name drug.

It’s manufactured and imported from India, so the price is affordable to customers who think that branded variant is too expensive. The personal Instgra reviews you will find here show the success that patients have got with both Tivicay and its generic version.

Ask your health care provider today to know more about how you can maintain and improve your health even with HIV+. Tivicay should be taken along with several other HIV medications maintaining high CD4 levels and reducing viral load to an undetectable level.

Instgra User Reviews, Personal Experiences & Ratings

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The only alteration that I have had to make with taking the generic version of Tivicay is taking it with breakfast instead of at night like I used to. This generic drug has been a lifesaver for me, and I am happy that I can continue to date and have intimate relationships and still protect myself. A lot of people I know have had insomnia caused by Instgra and doctors should be more clear about that from the beginning, it could have saved me a lot of sleepless nights!

I am so grateful to have found Instgra – the generic version of Tivicay. I am on a limited budget but need to protect myself because my long-term partner is HIV positive. So far, my side effects have been minimal, and the generic version of Tivicay is working great for me, I have maintained my negative status and his health has not deteriorated in any meaningful way. My partner’s T-cells are now 1954 and his viral load remains undetectable. Instgra is a great drug at a great price!

Originally I started out taking Tivicay because at that time I had a full-time job that paid very well. Unfortunately, I was laid off and could no longer afford the cost. I learned about the generic version of Tivicay like Instgra and it has worked out very well for me. In fact, even though I am now making more money, I have stayed with the generic drug.

I used to take Atripla, but it gave me too many side effects. Actually, it worked fine for the first year but then I started getting really itchy skin and had to stop taking it. My doctor switched me to Dolutegravir and it has worked very well for me. When I first changed over to Instgra, I did have a lot of constipation, but that’s all gone now. My viral loads are lower than ever and I feel great.

Instgra Reviews from Real Users

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When I was diagnosed with HIV three years ago, I immediately became depressed. Fortunately, I have a great doctor who worked with me to find the right antiviral medication regimen to help keep me healthy. Now, I am no longer depressed and although I am tired sometimes, overall, I feel pretty good. As long as I continue to eat a healthy diet and get enough rest, I can lead a pretty regular life. This is such a change from when men contracted the disease in the 80s and it was a life sentence.

When I was no longer able to afford my HIV medication, I turned to Instgra – the generic version of Tivicay to fit my budget. This medication has worked very well for me, and according to my doctor, it is doing a great job! My kidney and liver functions have also been good. It is really good for me to be able to stay active because when I was first diagnosed I had a lot of problems with depression. My life is a lot better now even though I have been HIV+ for over two years.

My HIV has been at the same levels for the past year since I’ve started taking Instgra. This is a good drug that has minimal side effects and is taken with other antiretroviral drugs. If you are HIV+ you should ask your doctor about Tivicay and other generic options.

Instgra or generic Tivicay is a good option for anyone who is HIV+ or is looking to prevent contracting the disease. This drug only needs to be taken one time a day and you don’t have to take any food with it which makes it much more convenient. Being able to live an active and full life has been a blessing, and I am thankful every day for the generic version of Dolutegravir.

More Instgra for HIV Treatment User Ratings

I have taken a lot of different combinations of HIV drugs with mixed results. My doctor recently added Instgra and I think it’s working OK so far. I have another appointment tomorrow to check my liver and kidneys but so far so good.

I have heard that this drug is difficult for people who are older to take. I am 52 years old and have taken Instgra for the past year with minimal side effects. The overall results have been very positive, and my CD4 went from 280 to 340 and my viral load is now only 40. This is a very effective drug, whether you take the brand option or Instgra – the generic version of Tivicay.

My HIV regimen includes Tivicay, Epivir, & Viread and it has worked very well for me. My doctor has been screening my liver levels as well as my HIV status and everything has been good. I have been taking Tivicay for over a year and I still feel pretty good with no major side effects. My T-cells continue to improve and my VL is decreasing each month. I am hopeful that soon it will be at the undetectable level.

If you need an effective HIV+ medication then you should ask your doctor about Instgra because it will give you the results that you want. My CD4 rose above 300 for the first time since I was diagnosed.

Instgra Reviews Summary

Instgra got an overall rating of 9 out of 10 stars from our clients. Be sure to see what they’ve said about generic Instgra in general, including ease of use, the effectiveness, and adverse reactions.

Instgra has been a godsend for me. I was diagnosed with HIV five years ago and I have had a lot of problems trying to find a drug that works for me without any major side effects. Since starting this medication 7 months ago, it is working out really well. I haven’t really had many side effects and my viral load continues to drop. Thank you.

The generic version of Tivicay like Instgra works well for me when I take it in the morning with my coffee. If I am feeling tired or otherwise unwell, I will take it after eating some toast. Other than a little bit of queasiness, I have not had any problems. My doctor continues to monitor my kidneys because I did have a problem with them when I first started taking this medication. Now, my kidneys are fine and my VL is undetectable!

If you are HIV positive, there are a lot of different medication options available to prolong your life. I have taken Instgra for the past 9 months and it is working OK for me.

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