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Although HIV is an incurable disease, such a diagnosis isn’t an absolute sentence. With correct and effective treatment, people can live with HIV for many years, lead an active lifestyle, and hardly be affected by their illness. To make this possible, a highly qualified specialist should prescribe a complex combination of drugs that inhibit the replication of the virus in the blood of an infected person. This often includes dolutegravir, which is a second-generation integrase inhibitor.

Dolutegravir sodium is a substance that was approved by the FDA in 2013 and one of many drug inhibitors that are used for HIV and AIDS. Since 2015, the WHO has been distributing licenses for this substance among developing countries. Dolutegravir is often prescribed by doctors, but a lot of people also want to know the opinion of real users.

Dolutegravir user reviews

Reliable Reviews from Satisfied Patients

People often write online reviews about purchased products, and studying them can give good results. A user not only writes his opinion but also emphasizes particular features, many of which aren’t even mentioned by manufacturers. This is especially true for medicines that significantly affect the body.

At the BuyPrEPOnline website you can find a variety of dolutegravir reviews left by our customers. Perhaps their opinion and experience will help you make the right choice. At the same time, it is very important not to rely solely on the reviews, but to buy medicine after consulting with a doctor.

Three years ago, the news that I became HIV-positive was a real blow for me, but now I realize that life goes on and doesn’t get worse. I think all this is due to dolutegravir, which I began to take as soon as I found out my HIV status. At first, I used brand-name Tivicay, and then I switched to a more budget-friendly Indian counterpart and never regretted this.

Dolutegravir allows me to effectively treat HIV, and I won’t give up this drug even despite the minor side effects. From the moment of taking the drug, I feel some fatigue and weakness, but these aren’t side effects for which it is worth stopping treatment.

I take dolutegravir in combination with Truvada. These two pills per day significantly improved my condition – according to tests, the amount of virus in the blood greatly decreased and became virtually undetectable. The first time after starting the drug, I felt a headache (quite slight), but after a few weeks, it disappeared.

I have been using a combination of dolutegravir and Epzicom for more than one year, and I am very pleased with the result. At first, I was afraid that these drugs would cause significant harm to my kidneys and liver since such side effects occur quite often. My fears weren’t justified, and my health did not deteriorate. True, I don’t have bad habits, maybe that’s why I take medicine well.

For several years I took Sustiva and Truvada and suffered from bowel disorders, but then, following the recommendation of a doctor, I replaced Sustiva with dolutegravir. I began to feel much better, and the virus amount in my blood lowered significantly. Don’t be afraid to change the usual treatment regimen if it doesn’t suit you.

Dolutegravir is a drug that allows me to forget that I have HIV. My disease is not progressing anymore, and my health hasn’t become worse, so I can still lead an active lifestyle and do sports. My friends would be very surprised if they knew that I have HIV.

I tried various combinations of drugs, but haven’t achieved a safe viral load. Doctors each time offered me a new option, but no matter what I have done, I continued inexorably approaching AIDS. After I started using Truvada and dolutegravir, the situation improved significantly. Now I look to the future with optimism and feel good.

For me, I was prescribed several treatment regimens, but the combination of Truvada and dolutegravir showed the best results. They not only improved my state but also made it possible not to think constantly about the illness. I take one tablet of each drug once a day, and this is enough so that my HIV doesn’t progress.

I have been taking dolutegravir for about a year, and during this time I began to feel much better, and even look younger. The first few weeks after switching to this medicine, water retention in my legs was observed, but with time everything returned to normal. Now I don’t show any side effects.

Tivicay is good for me as a drug – it significantly reduced the viral load, which wasn’t achieved with previous treatment regimens. Unfortunately, dolutegravir slightly worsened the condition of my kidneys, with which there were problems previously (kidney stones). The doctor advised me not to change the treatment, but to pay more attention to the kidneys – go to the urologist, follow liquid drinking regimen and diet, and prescribed medicines to maintain the acid-base balance. I don’t know if I have enough strength to survive all this.

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