Efavir Efavirenz Consumer Testimonials

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Efavir efavirenz is an effective drug that has been successfully used for a long time for HIV treatment and for prevention its transition to AIDS. It is prescribed as part of drug therapy not only for adults but also for adolescents and even children. The medicine is well tolerated and, with the correct intake, rarely causes side effects. The common dosage is 600 mg and for children less than 70 pounds – 400 mg, but that is an only general recommendation – only a doctor could calculate the optimal dose.

Efavirenz is a fairly old synthetic antiviral drug. It was created and approved by the FDA in 1998. It destroys the cells of the virus DNA, thereby reducing its number and preventing its reproduction. The drug is only effective for treating HIV-1. Efavir efavirenz can be used only as a part of complex therapy because with monotherapy the virus very quickly develops resistance to the drug.

More information about this medicine can be obtained by reading the instructions. Your doctor may tell you even more. You still didn’t receive all the necessary information? Then Efavir efavirenz reviews will certainly be useful for you.

Efavir efavirenz consumer testimonials

Efavir Efavirenz User Ratings

Reviews of various products and services often help potential buyers to make a choice. The real opinions of people can give answers to various important questions, describe private and rare situations, etc. Of course, you shouldn’t buy medicine just because it was advised by people on the Internet, all prescriptions must be done only by a doctor.

Below are a few Efavir efavirenz customer reviews. These people have purchased the drug, and they have something to say.

Efavir efavirenz is an effective drug that has significantly reduced my viral load and kept it at a consistently low level for several years. I am 40 years old, and such stability gives me hope for a long life. In the first weeks of the administration, I had side effects – a sudden headache, mood swings, vivid dreams, because of which I couldn’t get enough sleep. After a few weeks, my body became accustomed to the drug and all these side effects disappeared.

After I have been taking Efavir efavirenz for half of a year, and CD4 count has shown over 400 and still trending up. I take a pill before bedtime because the drug makes me sleepy, and it interferes with my work. A lot of people complain of insomnia from Efavir efavirenz but it successfully replaces a sleeping pill for me.

For two years, I successfully combined Sustiva with Truvada. During this time, the amount of the virus has decreased so much that it isn’t detected in the blood, I feel healthy and can live a normal life. My doctor advised me to use generic Efavir efavirenz, which makes treatment for me relatively inexpensive.

I can say with confidence that Efavir of Indian production isn’t worse than the original. It helps me to hold back the HIV from transforming into AIDS and not be afraid of the future. Because of these pills, I often feel dizziness and slight confusion, but this is nothing in comparison to staying alive. In addition, it is quite possible to get used to such side effects.

After taking Efavir efavirenz along with Truvada, my viral load decreased significantly, but my state of health also worsened. I began to feel weakness and drowsiness from the first days of the administration and also suffer from abdominal pain. I really hope that these side effects will pass with time, as the doctor promises me. I really don’t want to cancel an effective medicine because of side effects.

Efavir efavirenz, which is produced in India, is inexpensive and helped me to feel healthy again. The test gives result – about 680 t-cells, and this is important for me.

HIV is a sentence. That I heard about seven years ago. Then I thought that life was over, and a long, unsuccessful treatment confirmed my fears. Truvada and Efavir efavirenz became my real saviors – the viral load decreased for the first time in several years, and I feel much better. Sometimes I have a headache and insomnia, but this isn’t terrible in comparison with what I had while taking other drugs.

I started taking Efavir as soon as I learned about my illness. Together with it, I take two more inhibitors that are well suited to me. I also take vitamins and try to lead a healthy lifestyle. I am only 27 and I have a lot of plans and goals.

The side effects of Efavir efavirenz were apparent in the first months. I work with heavy machinery and because of side effects, I was forced to pass several working days – to do something in such a state was simply dangerous. After 2.5 months all adverse effects are gone and I feel much better. Viral load is very low, and I am glad that I have chosen this drug.

After I became infected with HIV-1, I felt a significant body weakness and drowsiness. Efavir efavirenz reduced these symptoms and also lowered the amount of virus in the blood. I hope that this medicine in combination with Truvada will prolong my life.

High ratings are explained by the quality and low price of the product, but still, only a doctor must prescribe it. Discuss with a specialist the possibility of using Efavir efavirenz.

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