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Tenvir-EM blue pillsPrEP is an anti-HIV prevention strategy where no-HIV infected persons take a daily pill to lower the risk (likeliness) of becoming infected. Truvada (manufactured by Cipla) is the world’s most used anti-HIV drug due to its high efficacy and tolerability accompanied by fewer side effects. There are other generics (including Tenvir-EM, Ricovir-EM, Tavin-EM, and Tenof-EM) that function exactly as brand-name Truvada but sold at a very lower price. Buy Tenvir-EM and forfend yourself from getting HIV-1 infection.

Since the introduction of generic versions of Truvada particularly Tenvir-EM, more people are now protecting themselves with generic anti-HIV meds due to its high efficacy and tolerability. Most importantly, these drugs are easily available for sale costing you very few dollars.

Tenvir-EM is indicated for use as PrEP, treatment for HIV/AIDS, and HBV. If taken consistently, and using other recommended safe sex practices, the chances of protecting yourself from the virus are more than 99%.

We’ll explore the benefits of generic, its dosage and uses, side effects and drug interactions, as well as how you can easily order these tabs from our store at extremely lower prices.


Benefits of Tenvir-EM 30 Tablets


Tenvir-EM is highly effective in preventing the acquiring of HIV. The opposite is true when not taken consistently as advised by your medical provider. Tenvir-EM is safe with an overwhelming positive profile of being highly effective and tolerable to most users.

It’s the solution addressing the high cost of buying brand-name anti-HIV drugs like Truvada. Prices of generics are substantially lower compared to their original counterparts. In fact, if you order from our online BuyPrEPOnline drugstore, the prices of Tenvir-EM is 95-98% cheaper compared to brand-name Truvada.

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Cheap prices mean more people will have access to medications especially individuals from low-income countries.

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Mechanism of Action


Human immunodeficiency virusTenvir-EM contains tenofovir DF (a nucleotide analog med) and emtricitabine (a nucleoside analog) that work together in combating HIV replication in the body by inhibiting the reverse transcriptase – an enzyme used by the virus-infected cell to multiply.

HIV is known to infect white blood cells (also CD4 cells). The HIV-1 infected cells dramatically make copies of itself affecting more white blood cells.

CD4 cells are the most important component in protecting your body against external infections or viruses. It’s what builds the body immune system and when these cells are overcome by the actions of the HIV-1, it becomes difficult for the immune system to fight the virus making it easier for external opportunistic viruses to get into the body. The effect may initiate other illnesses causing danger to your health which may lead to death.

As PrEP, Tenvir-EM easily prevents the virus from entering the body at the early stage. Note that the amount of virus at this stage is still very low compared to the higher concentration of Tenvir-EM present in the body. That’s the importance of taking this medication daily without missing a dose – to be able to completely remove the virus trying to take hold by completely killing it. If the virus finds its way into the blood, it’s difficult to eliminate due to its proliferative action.

Tenvir-EM through its active agents inhibit the actions of the virus preventing it from making more copies of itself. When Tenvir-EM takes its role, the cell can’t multiply and the CD4 cells regain and increase in number. Your body immune system returns back to normal.

You must consistently use this drug to keep fighting the virus from replicating and build your immune system by maintaining the CD4 cell count normal. Note that Tenvir-EM doesn’t cure HIV/AIDS. It doesn’t also completely kill the virus from already infected CD4 cells.


Proper Using of Tenvir-EM 30 Pills


Daily PrEP dosageTenvir-EM is a fixed-dose tablet taken orally primarily is prescribed by your medical specialist. It’s taken once a day in combination with food. You can also opt to use it without food or with a glass of water. Take it daily exactly at the same time of the day.

Ensure that your doctor accesses your health prior to taking Tenvir-EM. Some diseases may prevent you from using Tenvir-EM (such as kidney or liver) as side effects of Tenvir-EM may lead to serious damage to the liver or kidney.

Tenvir is taken regularly and consistently as long as your doctor recommended. At this time, your condition should be closely monitored for any health changes. You should accept and comply for a follow-up ad checkup after 12 weeks of medication with Tenvir-EM for PrEP.


Side Effects of PrEP Medication


As stated earlier, a doctor’s approval of taking Tenvir-EM is recommended. Although Tenvir-EM is highly effective and tolerable to most of the people, there are very fewer effects which come and resolves after some time.

Common effects include:


  • abdominal cramping;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • fatigue;
  • diarrhea;
  • skin rash;
  • dizziness;
  • headache.


Some other adverse effects include effect on kidney function and bone density. In this case, close monitoring is highly recommended. Tenvir-EM may also cause a rare renal impairment effect due to the increased level of creatinine.

In case you witness some unending effect, or any strange symptoms, inform your medical specialist for analysis and medical help. Do not terminate medication without your doctor’s approval.


Read More Tenvir-EM Side Effects

Interaction with Food, Drinks and Other Medications


As is common to any medicines, Tenvir-EM is known to interact with some meds. Most notably are drugs that affect renal function. Combining such drugs with Tenvir-EM may increase the concentrations of Tenvir-EM or drug used to treat renal function.

Other drugs interaction are from the following class:


  • NTRI – are known to increase the concentration of this Tenvir-EM. For example Tenvir-EM + didanosine;
  • some HIV-1 protease inhibitors;
  • hep C antiviral agents.


Drug interactionsDrug interactions may cause adverse reactions which may be harmful to your health. For example, there is a rare effect (severe) of lactic acidosis which may occur with the use of Tenvir-EM or any other nucleoside analogs either used alone or in combination with other antiretrovirals meds.

As the first precaution, always let the doctor access your health to confirm if you’re in good condition to use Tenvir-EM. Let the doctor know of any other meds you’re using (no prescription meds, herbal remedies or supplements, prescription drugs, etc.) to access its safety with Tenvir-EM.

There is no sufficient information on Tenvir-EM interaction with foods. It’s safe to use it with any meal.

Interaction with alcohol is unknown but it’s highly advisable to limit or completely avoid the use of alcohol while under PrEP medication. Alcohol is known to contribute to increasing side effects especially if the effect is a bone problem or kidney related.

In case of any strange symptoms, get help from your doctor. Don’t terminate the use of Tenvir-EM unless recommended by your medical specialist.


Ratings and Reviews


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