Generic Sovaldi Drug Reviews

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Sovaldi is a popular drug for the treatment of hepatitis C, which was named by the WHO as one of the most important drugs in the world. Sovaldi appeared on the pharmaceutical market in 2013 and proved itself very well. The main substance of Sovaldi is sofosbuvir – a particular active substance that is suitable for the treatment of hepatitis C with the majority of the virus genotypes. Sovaldi is well tolerated and allows one to significantly reduce the duration of therapy and increases its effectiveness.

After the release of Sovaldi, its cheap generics that have the same composition and properties began to appear on the market. Should you trust cheaper drugs in the treatment of a disease that can cause serious harm? Yes, you should. These medicines aren’t covered by the rule “more expensive means better” and this is confirmed by both doctors and statistics. There are also a lot of reviews about Sovaldi generics that can answer many of your questions.

Generic Sovaldi drug reviews

The Latest Reviews from Patients

During the entire existence of Sovaldi and its generics, thousands of people have taken advantage of these drugs. To a lot of them, it has helped to get rid of the disease or at least to put it in a non-dangerous state. BuyPrEPOnline pharmacy buyers have already written their opinion about this medicine and some generic Sovaldi reviews you can find below.

Sovaldi really works. I use this medicine in combination with ribavirin, and the results have exceeded all my expectations. The viral load has decreased so much that it isn’t even detected in the blood. True, the first few months of taking it, I had severe dizziness from the medicine, but this quickly passed.

I am an old man, 63 years old, but I want to live for many more years, enjoy life, engage in hobbies, and spend time with grandchildren. My hepatitis was diagnosed in 2001, but I don’t know how long I had this disease before the test. Sovaldi significantly improved my health and reduced my viral load. So far, I haven’t completely gotten rid of the disease, but I believe in the best.

The doctor prescribed me a generic Sovaldi in addition to Copegus, and I took it for 20 weeks. At the moment, the viral load decreased, but only slightly. My doctor is sure that such a low dynamic is due to the fact that Copegus doesn’t suit me and I need to choose another remedy.

I used Daklinza in combination with Sovaldi for 3 months. 9 weeks have passed since then, and the virus wasn’t detected in my blood. Of course, it may still appear later, but the drugs have already shown good results. There was a slight side effect such as nausea, but this didn’t prevent me from living a normal life.

My hepatitis C was discovered in 1992 after a blood transfusion. At first, I used interferon for treatment and I felt bad – fatigue and exhaustion were my constant companions. After that, I was additionally prescribed generic Sovaldi, and I began to feel much better. Since then, I have had varicose veins, but my doctor says that the reason for this is my age (I’m 59).

At the moment, I didn’t get rid of hepatitis completely, but generic Sovaldi brought me great benefits. Viral load is reduced, and I feel much better. Treatment with generic drugs also helped me not to spend the last of my money on drugs.

I don’t tolerate drugs well, and the combination of different hep C meds, chosen for the first time, was detrimental to me – for six months I felt very bad and didn’t have the strength to work. The combination of Sovaldi, ribavirin, and interferon became my salvation. There are side effects, of course, but they are insignificant in comparison to what happened before. The doctor said that I have good chances to permanently defeat hepatitis C.

Generic Sovaldi helps me a lot – according to medical tests, my viral load is rapidly decreasing. It gives me the strength to endure the side effects of the drug – nausea, and dizziness. I hope that I will be a healthy person soon.

My father was sick with hepatitis C for a long time and in addition, cirrhosis of the liver was found in him recently. Now he is taking generic Sovaldi, and his viral load tends to zero. The virus no longer destroys his liver, and this gives us hope that cirrhosis will be cured.

When I heard I had hepatitis C, I was terrified, because I thought that this disease was incurable. It turned out that antiviral therapy together with Sovaldi for 12 weeks completely relieved me of this ailment. Now I monitor my condition, take tests and believe that hepatitis won’t return. All drugs were well tolerated without any side effects.

The Effectiveness of Generic Sovaldi for Hepatitis Treatment

What is the main action of Sovaldi and why it so effective? Hepatitis C is a viral disease that can have completely different manifestations in each infected person. In 80% of cases, hepatitis C has a chronic form, gradually worsening the work of internal organs, especially the liver, and leads to death. Harmful habits and related diseases significantly accelerate the destructive effect of the virus. Thus, the use of alcohol increases the likelihood of cirrhosis 100 times. Hepatitis C is especially dangerous due to the fact that a person may be sick, but not even suspect it, spreading this disease for years. The virus is transmitted during sexual intercourse, as well as through the blood and its components.

Hepatitis C is the most ambiguous of all hepatitis types, since it is divided into genotypes that are sensitive to different drugs. Due to this, the success of the treatment depends entirely on what kind of medication the doctor selects for the patient. In 20% of patients, this disease can be defeated without any medication if a person begins to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food.

Sofosbuvir-containing regimens (Sovaldi), in combination with other substances, is suitable for treating hepatitis C of any genotype. It is an NS5B polymerase inhibitor and doesn’t allow the virus to replicate its genome. This property makes the drug very useful along with other drugs and significantly reduces the period of treatment and contributes to the rapid decrease of viral load. While other drugs kill the virus, sofosbuvir doesn’t allow it to actively replicate itself.

Main Usage Tips


The effectiveness of treatment directly depends on the correct administration. The standard dosage is 400 mg per day, but the doctor should determine the optimal dose. He must also choose the concomitant medications, because only Sovaldi intake can’t lead to full recovery. Monotherapy is ineffective and not recommended.

The drug is tolerated fairly well, but this is possible only in the absence of contraindications. The main of them include:

  • severe renal failure;
  • intolerance to sofosbuvir;
  • decompensated cirrhosis;
  • simultaneous infection with hepatitis B;
  • use of P-glycoprotein inducers;
  • age up to 18 years;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects are also not excluded, but sometimes it is difficult to understand exactly to which drug from the anti-hepatitis therapy the reaction occurred. The most common side effects are:

  • insomnia, anxiety, depression;
  • nausea, dyspepsia, retention of feces;
  • cough, dyspnea;
  • irritated/dry skin;
  • myalgia, spasms;
  • loss of appetite, weight loss.

With proper administration and absence of contraindications, the likelihood of side effects is minimized.

Doctors’ Opinion: Is Generic Sovaldi Safe?

Doctors' opinionSovaldi has become one of the oldest drugs used to treat hepatitis C and is considered the most tested and studied of them. Despite the fact that it is used only in combination with other medications, the importance of its action and effectiveness can’t be overestimated. It also eliminates the use of interferon alpha – a substance that is quite effective but causes many side effects. Sovaldi was approved by the FDA in 2013.

The only significant disadvantage of this drug is its very high price. This high price leaves people below the poverty line only two options – to spend all their money for a course of treatment or to die because of the disease. Despite the fact that such a pricing policy is considered to be unfair, Gilead manufacturer has no plans to cut the price. In addition, it has contracted with main Indian companies involved in the production of generics, making even these drugs too expensive for most people in developing countries. However, the price of generic medication is affordable to all USA citizens.

Sovaldi generics are approved by doctors, as they don’t differ from the original ones. They are made according to the same recipe as the brand medicines. Their price is reduced due to the absence of spending funds on research and development, since all of that has already been performed by Gilead. Doctors often advise their patients not to spend the extra money and buy generics based on sofosbuvir.

Reviews of some doctors about this drug are given below.

Hepatitis C, unfortunately, is most often diagnosed when it becomes chronic, and the viral load at this time is already very high. Sovaldi helps to stop the progress of the disease and reduce the viral load, so I prescribe it to the vast majority of my patients with such a diagnosis. In most cases, the drug gives good results.

I often prescribe Sovaldi to my patients, and this brings good results. I recommend buying generic drugs since the high cost of the original can discourage patients from taking care of their health. I also emphasize the need to lead a healthy lifestyle – this, together with the correctly chosen combination, can lead to a complete cure. I am happy that there were such cases in my practice.

Sovaldi and sofosbuvir-based drugs complement other antiviral drugs very well, so I prescribe them to my patients. Unfortunately, in some cases, this can’t be done due to the general weakness of the body, impaired work of the patient’s internal organs, and low drug resistance.

I consider Sovaldi to be the most proven and reliable remedy for hepatitis C, especially since it suits almost everyone. My patients noted a significant improvement in their condition after taking this drug, and tests confirm this.

I prefer to prescribe Sovaldi, as it is well tolerated and allows patients to avoid the use of heavy antiviral drugs with frequent side effects. This is especially true for people who are sick for a long time and already have a bad state of health.

A lot of doctors prescribe generics of Sovaldi, since these drugs are more affordable than the original ones, but have similar properties.

Order Sovaldi Generic Pills Online

Buying generic Sovaldi will be the best solution for those who decide not to let the disease overtake them, and want to actively fight it. Hepatitis C, compared to HIV, is a completely curable illness, but only with proper treatment. Original drugs are too expensive for most people, especially if they need several courses of treatment.

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