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AIDS is one of the worst deadly diseases of the 21st century, for which there is currently no cure. This disease begins with HIV infection, and an infected person can live with it for several months or even years – it all depends on the right therapy, lifestyle, and individual characteristics of the body. Despite the fact that people can live with HIV for a long time and lead a normal life, everyone is afraid of it. Truvada is a unique medicine used to prevent HIV infection from people in risk groups and those who not always using a condom. The reliability of the drug is 96-99%, which isn’t inferior to a condom. If a person is sharing a needle, then in his case, the protection against HIV is about 70%.

Reviews of Tenof-EM generic drug

Real Customer Feedback

Truvada is a brand drug that has been used for a long time and has already recommended itself as a successful drug. However, it has several significant drawbacks.

Firstly, it can’t be bought in a pharmacy without a prescription, but not everyone wants to see a doctor about this issue. Despite the fact that this is the safest way of prophylaxis, a lot of people still prefer to solve their problems by themselves.

Secondly, the price of Truvada makes it inaccessible to dozens of people, since not everyone is ready to spend a significant amount of money for the daily medicine that needs to be used without a break.

Still, there is a way out – a quality generic of Truvada, namely Tenof-EM. You can buy it at online pharmacies without a prescription, and its price is much lower than that of the original medication. Can I trust this drug? A lot of potential buyers are asking this question. Tenof-EM reviews help to make a decision since real people’s opinions are sometimes more convincing than the most detailed instructions.

Several testimonials are listed below. You can also find more reviews at the BuyPrEPOnline website and other online resources.

Tenof-EM has become a real salvation for me, because my sexual partner is infected with HIV, and I am very afraid about being infected too. I have been taking the drug for more than a year, and my tests are absolutely clear. Tablets allow me not to think about additional protection, and a reminder on the phone doesn’t allow me to forget about the daily administration at the same time – it is very convenient.

I took Truvada for more than a year, but then I changed jobs, and I had to give up insurance covering the costs of this medicine. I even thought to stop taking the medicine, but the doctor advised me to switch to generic Tenof-EM. I was skeptical, but there was no way out, so I decided to try. Frankly speaking, I didn’t notice any difference, but cash expenses became much lower.

I have been taking Tenof-EM for more than a year, and I am generally pleased with the result. The only thing I don’t like is the side effects, such as too vivid dreams, eventual nausea, and weight gain. In other matters, I think that this isn’t such a high price for protection against a fatal disease.

If you decided to buy PrEP, then don’t spend extra money on original medicines. Truvada generic works as well as the original, but additionally saves your money. I checked it on personal experience.

I have been taking Tenof-EM for a year and I can say that this medicine works – I don’t have HIV, and that is very good. Still, I am very tired of the side effects, at night I have cramps that interfere with sleep. My doctor isn’t sure that this is due to the generic action. Probably, I will start taking anticonvulsants, because I am not ready to refuse Tenof-EM.

I have no doubt that Tenof-EM is a high-quality PrEP medication. I have been taking it for about a year and a half and during that time I am still HIV free, although I had huge chances of being infected. I have problems with falling asleep because at the beginning of the administration I was afraid of side effects, but they didn’t appear, quite the contrary – my dreams became stronger and deeper.

I have been taking Tenof-EM for about two years, and I have no complaints about this drug. Despite the impressive list of side effects in the instructions, I didn’t show anything. My partner has HIV and is taking Tenof-EM as a supplement to primary therapy. His condition has improved significantly, although there are minor kidney disorders. Fortunately, this can be controlled.

Be careful while combining other drugs with Tenof-EM. I started taking generic drugs together with epilepsy medication. At the moment I am not infected with HIV, but I feel bad – constant nausea and loss of appetite are exhausting. I decided to go to a doctor and discuss the possibility of combining these drugs. So, don’t prescribe PrEP medication by yourself without consultation with a doctor.

I am 39 years old, five of them I constantly take tablets since I have HIV. I take generic Truvada for three years as a part of the regimen. I like the result because the amount of virus in the blood has decreased significantly, but I have side effects. HIV treatment caused a loss of appetite, and now I’m skinny. I can’t say exactly what medicine causes them, but, unfortunately, I can’t refuse the medication.

I recommend Tenof-EM to anyone who cares about health and safety. I used to take the branded Truvada, but then I switched to the cheap generic Tenof-EM and have no regrets. The effect is exactly the same, but the price is much lower, and it can be bought without even leaving home.

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