MyHep Sofosbuvir User Reviews

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MyHep sofosbuvir is a proven generic medication used to treat chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) in patients with mono-infection and with HIV-1 coinfection. It is used as a part of combination antiviral therapy in adult patients with specific genotypes of hepatitis C. This medicine prevents HCV from replicating in a body and can also be used by patients previously infected with hepatitis B virus (HBV) and its further reactivation.

This drug is a generic version of the branded Sovaldi which also has high ratings among regular users. Both medicines contain the same active substances and show identical effectiveness. Here are some recent MyHep sofosbuvir reviews from our customers.

MyHep sofosbuvir user reviews

Real Patient Reviews About MyHep Sofosbuvir

I felt very exhausted after 10 months on MyHep sofosbuvir. I started taking vitamin B and it helped. Added extra B5.

I’ve been on Sovaldi before. It was too expensive, so I switched to MyHep sofosbuvir. I didn’t notice a difference in this new cycle. Thank God for these cheap drugs!

3 years ago I went on these tablets. My body responded very well. Great experience.

Very effective medicine. I have no measurable adverse effects. My previous treatment was Incivek and I felt like rubbish.

16 weeks on MyHep sofosbuvir. HCV is not detectable in blood. Slight joint pain and stomach problems. Good price, but with my insurance, I pay only $10 a month.

My mother started treatment 4 months ago. She had some side effects though, like problems with speech and fatigue. Then, the virus in her blood lowered. She is ok now.

I received this treatment in the beginning of 2016 for HCV. I was genotype 2. I had no side effects except for nausea and bone pain.

I had Hep C and was prescribed MyHep sofosbuvir and Ribavirin. After 4 weeks, my viral load was undetected!! My doctor advised keeping up the tabs for two more months. Thank you!

I’m 49 y.o. I’ve got Hep C Gen.1 from a blood transfusion in 1989. In its acute phase, I had extreme rashes, nausea, and awful fatigue. When MyHep sofosbuvir was approved I started my 15-week treatment. I was very sick and didn’t respond to antibiotics. Those were horrible 15 weeks. Now, I have a new life!

I was free from virus in 10 weeks. Type 1. No discomfort at all. Some mental side effects, like irritability, anxiety and mood swings.

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