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Generic Truvada User Reviews, Experiences & Stories

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Generic Truvada User Reviews, Comments & Ratings

Truvada generic is a once-daily prescription tablet that helps lower the risk of contracting HIV-1 through sexual intercourse. It is taken on a daily basis and should be used alongside safe sex practices like use of condom during sex.

I am a 35-year old homosexual male. I have been on Indian generic Truvada and Norvir combination for 3 years. 11 months ago, I began experiencing kidney problems. My GFR has gone down to 30. My doctor is recommending a change of medication. Other than kidney problems, this medication has been great. I have not contracted HIV so I plan on practicing protected sex going forward.

I experienced occasional insomnia, nausea, vomiting, general fatigue, and flash headaches when I started taking generic Truvada for HIV prevention. Most of these side effects have since gone away and I am still HIV negative.

Been taking Ricovir-EM for nearly 18 months now and haven’t had any real issues to complain about. I had read about side effects but haven’t experienced any of them myself. Would therefore recommend this generic Truvada definitely.

I started taking generic Truvada once per day with Tivicay twice per day. My viral load at the time of starting my treatment was 200,000 and CD4+ count 79. After 60 days of routine treatment, my viral load has dropped to less than 20 while my CD4+ has risen to 2000. My doctor believes this is a wonderful improvement given that I do not experience any side effects. This medication has changed my life for the better.

Been taking generic Truvada (Tenof-EM) for a month and everything seems to be fine. Glad these generic drugs exist as they are potential lifesavers and moneysavers. Will find out soon, wish me luck!

I’ve been taking generic Tavin-EM every day for 2+ years. So far it’s been a great success with no significant side effects.

Generic Truvada Reviews from Real Users

Read generic Truvada user reviews and ratings, including the drug’s effectiveness, interactions, ease of use, side effects, and overall satisfaction.

I was on the generic version of Truvada twice within 4 months apart. My doctor closely monitored by kidney and liver during the treatment period. During these episodes, I suffered serious rashes on my groin and buttocks. These rashes only went away when I discontinued the medication.

If you are looking for a hassle-free anti-HIV PrEP medication, look no further than Tenvir-EM. I have been on this medication for 3 years now, and even though sometimes I have unprotected sex, I am still HIV free. This is all I care about! This medication is a great option for anyone who wants to protect themselves from this disease.

I have been on the generic version of Truvada and Edurant combination for the past 13 months. No side effects and viral load has moved from 13000 to undetectable levels. My CD4+ count is also great. And since I live in India, the medication is quite affordable.

I have been on the generic version of Truvada for a little over three years. I combine Truvada with some other meds. I find the side effects (watery stool, stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting bearable). I have also accumulated a lot of belly fat. However, I am glad that this medication has kept me free from HIV. I am strongly considering dropping it for protected sex.

The generic version of Truvada for PrEP has been my anti-HIV medication for three years. I am grateful it has kept me HIV negative. I experience occasional insomnia but everything seems fine. I believe this medication works, and I am glad I live in an era where there are medications that can actually protect people from such dangerous diseases. I sincerely do not know what I would do without this medication.

Generic Truvada like Tenvir-EM is a great anti-HIV medication. After combining it with Raltegravir, my viral load has dropped from 65,000 to undetectable levels in just 6 weeks. No side effects so far. This is a miracle medication for me.

I take generic Truvada as a pre-exposure prophylactic and I’ve noticed no serious side effects or problems. Maybe difficulty sleeping if I take my pill later on in the day but otherwise it’s totally fine.

I started on the generic version of Truvada and Lexiva combination. However, after 6 months on this combination, my liver began to fail. My doctor recommended that I replace Levixa with Ricovir-EM as this is easily secreted through the kidneys. I have not had any bad experience with this new combination. No side effects, undetectable.

My viral load has remained undetectable for 5 years since I started taking Indian generic Truvada as PrEP. Sometimes, this medication causes itching and hives. However, contrary to what I read online from other patients, I have never had kidney or liver failure.

Reviews of Generic Truvada for PrEP

As you can see, generic Truvada reviews provide useful insight into what real people think about this anti-HIV medication. Truvada generic is definitely a lifesaver for high-risk individuals. And like any other medication, Truvada generic does have side effects. However, the benefits of this medication far outweigh its side effects.

When I decided that I wanted to start PrEP to keep me from getting HIV/AIDS I looked into Indian generic Truvada. This an effective generic option at a lower price that helps me to stay safe!

I have combined generic version of Truvada with some other safe PrEP practices like using a condom for three years. Thankfully, I have remained HIV negative. However, I have been passing burning urine. My doctor is closely monitoring my kidneys for any complications.

This is my second year since I started taking the generic version of Truvada for pre-exposure prophylaxis. I am a commercial sex worker, which makes me a high-risk individual for HIV infection. I am glad this drug has kept me HIV negative. However, the longer I take it, the more I experience sleep complications… I also feel this medication has ruined my appetite and general mood. I do not mind these side effects as long as this medication keeps me HIV free.

I am very satisfied with the generic Truvada I bought from BuyPrEPOnline. Except for a cough and soreness and skin rashes, this medication has kept me HIV negative. I also love the fact that it is quite easy to take. I take my medication just before bedtime. This has helped me take the medicine consistently.

It has been five years since I started taking generic Truvada for pre-exposure prophylaxis. I experience itches hives. Thankfully, it has kept me HIV negative.

If you are looking for PrEP or for pre-exposure prophylaxis in order to avoid getting AIDS or HIV, then Tenvir-EM is a pretty good choice. I’ve been taking it for 2 years now, and even though I sometimes slip and don’t practice safe sex, I am still HIV negative. That is really all that I need to know! This is a good option for anyone who wants to protect themselves.

More Generic Truvada for HIV User Ratings

I have been on Indian generic Truvada for more than three years. I have experienced multiple side effects even though it has kept my viral load undetectable. Most recent complications include higher levels of creatine and lipase, nausea and vomiting, occasional bloating, and urinary tract infections. My doctor suspects these are side effects of this medication.

I have been taking the generic version of Truvada since 2015. My viral load dropped from 1.2 million to undetectable levels in the first 4 months. For the past two months, I have been feeling very thirsty. My joints have been paining too. My healthcare provider recommends that I skip one day a week but not sure if this will be helpful. My bones are no longer as strong as they used to be. I am a 30-year-old male.

Started taking Truvada about 3 months ago for PrEP. Had some minor issues with itching and some motion sickness, but I don’t know if these symptoms are due to my meds. Seems to work just fine so can’t really complain.

I am almost 50 years old but I am still very active. I started to take Truvada as pre-exposure prophylaxis because I am a gay man. It is doing great and I don’t have any real side effects. My blood tests for my kidneys and my liver are also still going well.

My doctor put me on Tenof-EM for PrEP last spring. I started experiencing nausea and vomiting every time I took my medication. These side effects went away after two months. Some nights, I find it hard to catch sleep until I am completely exhausted. I am still active with my workouts. Most importantly, I am HIV negative. I believe this medication works.

I have combined Ricovir-EM with Prezista for 9 months. There are days when I wake up to severe joint pains, nausea, vomiting, and lower abdominal pain. I also experience occasional headaches.

I have been on the generic version of Truvada for two months. The only advice I can give is do not take it at bedtime as you will have trouble getting sleep. Rather, consider taking this medication first thing in the morning. When I first started this medication, I was taking my dose at night and I was getting severe depression and anxiety because I was not getting adequate sleep. All these stopped when I switched my dose to morning hours.

I combine Truvada generic with generic Naivex (Tivicay). I have been on this regimen since October 2015. No side effects the whole time. My viral load has been undetectable since I started taking the medication. I take the combo daily just before bedtime.

Now that I have been taking generic Truvada for just over three months I can happily report that I have not had any bad side effects. The drug is great because I only have to take it once every day and don’t need to eat anything with it if I don’t want to.

Generic Truvada Reviews Summary

Truvada generic received a 8.6/10 rating from our users’ reviews and feedback. Read what they had to say about Truvada in general, including its ease of use, effectiveness, and side effects.

Generic Truvada is a good option for anyone who is on a limited budget but wants an effective drug to use as PrEP. My partner is HIV positive and with the use of this drug I am still negative. This Truvada has been a life saver for me, and I am happy to put up with the headaches and nausea if it means that I can stay negative!

My partner and I have been taking the generic version of Truvada as PrEP for the past four years. The only side effects we experienced during the first few weeks were mild headaches just around the palate – that “brain freeze” sensation. This is the only side effect we experienced when starting this medication. This headache was not quite debilitating and we were able to tolerate it without taking pain medications. Our laboratory tests are good as our viral load has remained undetectable.

I have been on the generic version of Truvada for one month. I love the fact that I only have to take a single pill per day. I experience occasional dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Also, I experienced stomach pains on the third day of my medication but have since gone away. I am going for my HIV test next week.

I have been combining generic Truvada with Prezista and Norvir for PrEP for 36 months. My urine has been a little strange but that is the only side effect I am experiencing. My HIV status is still negative.

I have been on Tavin-EM for pre-exposure prophylaxis since 2015. Well, I have been on and off with this medication. There are days I have had coughs and chest pains. I have also experienced the following side effects: nausea and vomiting, sharp headache, rashes, and insomnia. I am wondering what will happen if I stop taking the medication altogether. I am HIV negative.

I’ve been on Truvada for nearly three months now and haven’t noticed any real side effects. I just take one dose of the pill every day. It’s convenient for me and can be taken with or without food. I’m HIV negative and use it for PrEP so it must be working as my blood work is all fine. Great stuff.

I have been taking Ricovir-EM Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for one year. Thankfully, this medication has kept me HIV negative. However, this medication has come with its share of side effects. I feel dizzy most immediately after medication. Occasionally, I experience very sharp headaches too, which I manage with pain relievers. All in all, I am glad I am on Ricovir-EM therapy.

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