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If you are HIV positive or you are looking for an effective HIV medication and are on a budget, take a look at Naivex – the generic version of Tivicay by Hetero. This affordable drug is just as effective as the brand name at a fraction of the price. Because it is made in India and then imported, the manufacturer is able to sell it for an affordable price to customers that find the branded version too expensive. The personal Naivex reviews below reflect the success that patients have had with both Tivicay and the generic version.

Speak with your health care provider today and learn more about how you can maintain your health after your HIV+ diagnosis. Naivex is typically taken in tandem with several other antiviral drugs in order to keep your CD4 levels high and your viral load as close to undetectable as possible. Take a look at these Naivex user reviews below.

Naivex User Reviews, Personal Experiences & Ratings

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Naivex User Testimonials, Comments & Ratings

I am HIV+ and thanks to the generic version of Tivicay I am able to still live an active and full life even though it has been five years since my diagnosis. Naivex is an affordable option and it has been life changing for me!

Unfortunately for me, Tivicay did not work out. I experienced such a strong feeling of anxiousness that it caused me to get depressed. I was very upset because I have several friends who have this drug and the generic version of Tivicay with a lot of success.

Naivex – the generic version of Tivicay has been a life saver for me. I take this medication in combination with other drugs and the results have been extraordinary: now that I have been taking these medications for four months my CD4 count is now 138 when it used to be from 37. My viral load went from 35,000 to now being undetectable.

Naivex Reviews from Real Users

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Naivex works really well for me. I can take it in the morning or at night, it doesn’t cause me insomnia even though I have heard that a lot of people do have that problem. My levels are all good and my doctor continues to monitor my liver and kidneys. I haven’t had any problems. My viral load has been undetectable for the past year and my other levels are also good. I am able to live a pretty normal life thanks to this drug.

I took generic Tivicay or Naivex without any side effects or problems. But it didn’t do anything to keep my HIV in check. I had to switch to another combination of drugs that are working a lot better for me now.

I take 50 mg of Naivex – the generic version of Tivicay in combination with other drugs to keep my HIV manageable. This has been my regimen for seven years, and I am still doing quite well. There have been limited side effects and my overall health is maintaining at a satisfactory level.

More Naivex for HIV Treatment User Ratings

Tivicay is not the HIV drug for me. All it did was make me throw up and have cramps all the time. Avoid this medication.

If you are HIV positive, I hope that you don’t have the same experience with Tivicay that I had. My doctor is still changing my medications trying to find the right combination for me.

Naivex – the generic version of Tivicay has been a good fit for me. I like that I only need to take it once a day and that I can take it with a meal or alone. When I first started the medication, I took it in the morning with my coffee; now I take it at bedtime because it helps me to sleep. This drug is good because it allows me to keep living my life and helps my health to remain at a decent level.

Naivex Reviews Summary

Naivex received an average rating of 8.5 out of 10 stars from our clients. Read their have comments about generic Tivicay in general, including the effectiveness, ease of use, and side effects.

This is a good drug for me because I only have to take one 50mg pill a day. I take Naivex in the morning because it did cause me some restlessness when I took it at bedtime. Now, I really don’t have any side effects. Anyone who is HIV+ should be able to take an antiviral drug regimen even if they aren’t rich. Now that I know about the generic option I can feel better and not have to worry about spending all of my money on medications.

If you are looking for an effective HIV drug that has minimal side effects, take a look at Naivex. This drug is only once a day and it is easy to fit into your schedule without any serious side effects.

I switched from Sustiva at Naivex and it’s worked well. My viral load is down to 40 and I feel a lot better now. I suggest that you work with your doctor to find the right medication for your needs.

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