Tenvir-EM User Testimonials

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Testimonials from real users are an integral part of any company for which feedback of users and clients is important. Reviews and testimonials allow one to consider many points, to coordinate the work of the whole company, making it as convenient as possible for customers. They also allow for monitoring the quality of the products and their compliance with the stated requirements, despite the conducted research.

In addition, real stories from real buyers are very useful for those who are planning to buy medicine. Even the most detailed instructions can’t consider individual situations, in contrast to the reviews. Of course, you shouldn’t prescribe a drug by yourself based only on the read stories, but thanks to them you will know what to expect. The medicine will no longer be a pig in a poke because there are people who it has helped (or didn’t). If you have already studied the instructions for Tenvir-EM, but this information isn’t enough for you, then read the reviews, and they will help you make the decision for sure.

Tenvir-EM user testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials from Our Users

Would you like to read testimonials about Tenvir-EM? Below are some of them. The vast majority of their authors were able to improve their lives, get rid of fear, and also gain reliable protection against HIV infection. If you also need a shield from this disease, read the reviews – perhaps they will convince you of the drug’s effectiveness, as well as dispel your doubts. After purchasing the medicine and taking it, you can also write your opinion.

Some of these testimonials are given below.

I took Truvada for several years but then switched to generic Tenvir-EM. Despite the concerns and fears of additional side effects, I didn’t feel any difference, but the price pleased me a lot. So, I recommend this generic to all who need HIV prophylaxis!

I have been taking Truvada generic for four months and I can say that it is tolerated relatively well. In the first three weeks of the administration, I had minor problems with sleep, but with time everything returned to normal.

Several years ago, I had an HIV positive test. A year after, I began taking Tenvir-EM in addition to well-chosen therapies, and tests showed that the amount of virus in my blood decreased four times. For me, this is a remarkable result, which means a significant reduction in the risk of HIV in AIDS transition, as I am only 34 years old. Periodically, the generic causes bloating, but this is a minor problem compared to the drug effectiveness.

My husband accidentally came in contact with the blood of a person sick with HIV. He was a doctor, and a little carelessness cost him dearly. I really value my marriage, we have a teenage daughter. Tenvir-EM gave me the opportunity to relax a bit and not worry about my safety. Now I feel calm, sometimes it even seems to me that nothing has changed and my husband doesn’t have the virus.

I often change sexual partners and, if possible, don’t use condoms. Of course, this is a madcap, but that’s my choice. HIV is the only thing that scares me, as the other diseases are treatable and are not lethal. With Indian Truvada, I have nothing to fear and not limit my desires.

I have been using Indian Truvada for 11 months and can’t say anything except that it is tolerated fairly well, is inexpensive, and doesn’t cause any side effects. For all 11 months of taking it I tested myself twice – I don’t have HIV. Maybe the reason for this is my caution and luck, or maybe Truvada, I don’t know, but I will continue taking these pills.

I have been taking Tenvir-EM for two years, but sometimes I take breaks (when there is complete calm in my personal life). This drug didn’t disappoint me. At the beginning of the administration, it caused too vivid dreams, which prevented sleep, but this stopped quickly enough.

Tenvir-EM is an excellent drug for me, which allows me not to fear HIV infection. I take it every day, for a year and a half, every few months I check the condition of the liver and kidneys – so far there are no complaints on the work of the internal organs.

My partner is HIV positive, so for me, PrEP medications are very relevant. Tenvir-EM was advised by my doctor, and I have never regretted that I listened to his advice. I don’t worry about other STDs, since my partner and I are faithful to each other, and generic saves me from HIV.

I took Truvada of Indian production quite recently, about a month ago, so it’s difficult for me to give an objective assessment of this drug. At the moment, I haven’t had a single side effect, although I am allergic and the selection of drugs for me is complicated. I hope that in the future this drug won’t disappoint me.

Benefits of Tenvir-EM

Gay coupleTenvir-EM is a quality generic of Truvada, a PrEP drug effectively used to prevent HIV infection. This medicine can be successfully used by people in risk groups or those in close contact with them. These people include:

  • doctors who come into contact with blood;
  • prostitutes;
  • men who use the services of prostitutes;
  • gay and bisexual men;
  • men and women who often change sexual partners.

Among them are also people who have stopped casual relationships, but live with an HIV infected partner.

Condoms provide good protection, but some people don’t like them; besides, sometimes you can just forget about them in a hurry or when drunk.

In all these cases, Tenvir-EM will become a reliable protector against HIV; it is only important not to forget to take it daily and monitor the condition of your body. It is also important to remember that Tenvir-EM drugs don’t protect against STDs and hepatitis.

Tenvir-EM is very convenient because it can be purchased at an online pharmacy without a prescription, but prior consultation with a doctor is still necessary. This generic is much cheaper than its original, although it has exactly the same composition and properties. What is the reason for such a difference in price?

Firstly, generic products are produced by an Indian company that didn’t gain popularity as a manufacturer of brand products, therefore there is no markup for the well-known name.

Secondly, generics are made according to proven recipes, the company-manufacturer doesn’t spend money on testing and creating new drugs.

This is ideal for you if you need a quality and effective medication and a popular brand name is not important for you.

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