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Indivan capsulesAlthough there is no known cure for HIV/AIDS, early virus infection diagnosis and administering the right medication effectively help decrease the morbidity and mortality rates.

Indivan (indinavir) helps virus-infected people achieve positive living for a stronger, healthier, and longer life.

If looking for the right med for HIV treatment, this is an in-depth guide on how to safely administer Indivan and achieve better results without causing harm to your health. Learn about this drug mechanism of action, how to take it safely, its side effects and interaction, and where to order generic Indivan online at an extremely low price.


What Is Indivan Tablets?


Manufactured by Cipla Ltd, Indivan 400 mg is an anti-HIV medication. Its active ingredient is known as indinavir. Its common brand is known as Crixivan (as it contains indinavir sulfate). It belongs to the protease inhibitors (PI) class of drugs.

Other anti-HIV drugs from Cipla Ltd include Abamune-L and Synthivan.

Indivan is an effective and well-tolerated drug used in combination with another antiretroviral medication to treat HIV. It may be given with another PI drug such as ritonavir to increase (or boost) the level of indinavir. Coadministering with another medicine helps indinavir work well.

Each tablet of this med contains 400 mg of indinavir.


Indivan Mechanism of Action


Protease inhibitors are drugs with activity against HIV. PI inhibitors block the part of the virus called protease, which is an enzyme required for the virus to make new copies of itself.

The mechanism of action of indinavir is that it binds to the protease active site and inhibits the activity of the enzyme. By inhibiting this HIV viral protease enzyme activity, it prevents the cleavage of the viral polyproteins. The result is the formation of immature non-infectious viral particles. This leads to a lower (undetectable) viral count and boosts the patient immune system needed for fighting external opportunistic infections, as the CD4+ cell count is increased.


How to Take Indivan Indinavir 400 mg?


Medical specialistIt is recommended to take the medication as advised by your medical specialist. Always ask your doctor if you have any questions about your health and HIV medication. The recommended dose of Indivan is 2 or 3 pills daily as directed by a healthcare professional. Take the 400 mg tab every eight hours. The dosage is based on your weight, medical condition, liver function, other medications, and response to treatment. Take this med at the same time intervals every day.

Indivan (indinavir) 400 mg should be taken by mouth with a full glass of water on an empty stomach (either at least 1 hour before food or 2 hours after taking a light meal). You may also take it with other liquids such as apple juice, non-fat milk, tea, coffee. If your doctor directs you to take ritonavir (drug combination) with this medication, take them both at the same time.

Using indinavir and drinking at least 6 full glasses of water or other liquids daily helps lower the risk of kidney stones.

Changing dose, forgetting or skipping this medication without the approval from your medical specialist may increase the viral load, worsen the side effects, or make the HIV-infection more difficult to treat.

To ensure effective treatment, patients taking this drug should have their viral load frequently monitored.


Some Side Effects That Can Occur


As with most of the drugs, side effects cannot be fully avoided. It can occur and vary from patient to patient depending on their health and adherence to drug prescription.

Many people who are prescribed this medication do not experience serious negative effects.

When using this med, notable side effects include:


  • stomach pain;
  • vomiting;
  • loss of appetite;
  • nausea;
  • headache.



If the above side effects persist or worsen, seek medical assistance from your doctor.

With the consistent use of Indivan, your immune system gets stronger and can begin fighting off some infections you already had. This can cause disease symptoms to come back. Rarely, you can also have symptoms if your immune function becomes overactive either soon after taking this medicine or many months later.

Get medical help immediately if you experience any serious/adverse symptoms including:


  • sudden weight loss;
  • severe headache or muscle aches that won’t go away;
  • joint pain;
  • signs of high blood sugar;
  • severe tiredness;
  • numbness/tingling of the legs/feet/hands/arms;
  • vision changes;
  • signs of a heart attack;
  • signs of kidney problems;
  • signs of an overactive thyroid (such as nervousness, bulging eyes, irritability, heat intolerance, irregular heartbeat, goiter);
  • serious allergic reaction;
  • change in body fat;
  • signs of infection (such as chills, fever, trouble breathing, swollen lymph nodes, cough, etc.).


This is not a complete list of possible negative effects. Whenever you experience strange symptoms, inform your medical specialist.


Interaction with Food, Alcohol, Other Drugs


Before administering any medication, it’s necessary to know that certain drug interactions may alter how your medications work or heightened your risk for serious negative effects. Taking large amounts of food lowers the levels of indinavir in your body. Avoid eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice. Indinavir/grapefruit juice interactions may lower the amount of indinavir your body absorbs. Interaction with alcohol is not contraindicated. Avoid taking alcohol as it may contribute to the chances of adverse negative effects.

To lower possible risk for drug interaction, keep a list of all the drugs you use (including prescription/OTC drugs and herbal products). Share this list with your medical specialist.

Some products that may interact with Indivan Indinavir include:


  • atazanavir;
  • certain benzodiazepines (i.e. alprazolam, triazolam, midazolam);
  • amiodarone;
  • rifampin;
  • eletriptan;
  • ranolazine;
  • conivaptan;
  • ergot alkaloids;
  • orlistat;
  • pimozide;
  • certain cholesterol drugs (such as simvastatin, lovastatin);
  • St John’s wort.


Anti-seizure drugs

Some meds (including certain anti-seizure ones) can affect the removal of indinavir from your body altering the indinavir function.

Also, Indinavir can slow down or affect the removal of other meds from your body, which may affect how they function. For example, drugs such as:


  • asunaprevir, flibanserin, cisapride, lurasidone, trazodone, regorafenib;
  • certain calcium channel blockers (such as felodipine, nifedipine, nicardipine);
  • drugs to medicate erectile dysfunction (ED) or pulmonary hypertension, salmeterol, among others.


This medicine can interact with the disease you have. Before using this med, let your doctor know if you have these conditions:


  • liver problems;
  • high blood fat levels;
  • diabetes;
  • kidney problems;
  • hemophilia;
  • heart problems.


This is not a complete list of drug interactions. Your medical specialist can assess other meds you take for possible interactions with Indinavir.


Consumer Reviews and Ratings


Honest reviews and testimonials help patients consider how this medication responds to their treatment. Reviews vary based on patient health and adherence to prescription.

Most patients review this medicine as potent and well-tolerated. There might be fewer negative effects that come and fade away with the continual use of indinavir. In very rare cases patients had to switch to another type of treatment. Overall, this med works well and helps many people fight the infection.

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