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Tivicay belongs to a category of integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs). It is indicated to be used in combination therapy with other antiretroviral medicines to cure HIV infections. This drug was approved by the US FDA for use in people in 2013, and by the European Commission in 2014.

Here are some generic Tivicay reviews that portray that unbranded medication works similar to labeled ones.

Generic Tivicay reviews & ratings

Ratings from Customers

Mild side effects like loss of appetite, heart palpitations, and weight loss. I am 12 weeks on it. The drug is a little hard for me.

I was taking Sustiva/Truvada, but my viral load was 160. Went on Truvada/Tivicay and my VL dropped to 70. That was the best decision! No more adverse effects, no worrying about taking meds and eating. I’m very close to undetectable.

I was put on Epivir and Tivicay after years of struggling with other regimens. My therapist was very happy with the results. After 3 months, my viral load went from 20,000 to undetectable. The CD4 count went from 35 to 136. No significant side effects.

I’ve been on generic Tivicay for only 2 months. It seems to work well on me. No side effects. My VL is undetectable, and my T-cells are 1494.

Started with generic Tivicay with viral load 100,000. After 8 weeks, my VL was 365. My doctor said it was working great. The first 2 weeks were horrible with low energy, headaches, and diarrhea, but I’m better now. If you start with a high VL like me, it will take several months to become undetectable.

I take Tivicay with Truvada. Great combination for me with no negative reactions. Just mild headaches, which are now gone. I gained 12 lbs back and feel much better now.

I’m a non-drinker and non-smoker. Zero side effects with these tabs. Feel much happier and better now. Thanks for cheap meds!

I am on this drug for 2 months. The only thing I noticed was constipation on starting. Now, it’s totally normal. I love this drug!

Very cheap if compared with the brands. The right choice for my needs.

Effective medicine in my HIV therapy. It does a great job. Minor side effects which didn’t last long.

Tivicay for HIV Treatment: How Effective Is It?

HIVThe human immunodeficiency virus is known to multiply in the cells and destroy the immune system, which becomes weakened and prone to developing serious diseases. Without proper antiviral therapy, most HIV patients may get acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Current antiretroviral treatment is not helpful, but due to modern advancements in medicine, HIV can be stopped from replicating.

Because of its high effectiveness, Tivicay has been acknowledged by health care professionals and got high ratings among HIV patients due to fewer side effects. In 2017, this medicine was also approved for pediatric use in children over 6 years.

Dolutegravir (trade name Tivicay) is a powerful, active substance developed to treat viral infections. The drug is used in combination with other antiretroviral medicines. This remedy comes in different strengths and can be taken by both treatment-experienced individuals who have not consumed integrase inhibitors before and by treatment-naïve patients who are undergoing HIV therapy for the first time.

Tivicay refers to INSTIs of the second generation because it works even in users whose immune system has resistance to other INSTIs. This medicine has a high genetic barrier against resistance development. Besides that, Tivicay is considered to have less drug interactions than other HIV protease inhibitors. One more drug benefit is its small size, which is helpful for people who have difficulties in swallowing large pills.

Tivicay has been thoroughly studied in 5 phase 3 clinical trials, which involved more than 3,000 HIV-positive adult patients. Now, this medicine is available in over 100 countries across Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Latin America.

Is Tivicay Recommended by Healthcare Providers?

Tivicay stands out from other integrase inhibitors due to its high barrier to development of HIV resistance. With more than 5 years from the date of its initial approval, there were only a few cases of resistance to this drug. In combination with Descovy, it is superior to other HIV meds in terms of suppressing viral loads and causing fewer adverse effects. This two-pill combination has become the preferred couple of most HIV treatment providers. Here are some reviews from therapists specialized in HIV treatment.

Generic Tivicay is a better variant for my patients who cannot take STRs. Easy to add to any NRTI regimen.

I recommend using Tivicay with a different nucleoside pair, Epzicom. They suit individuals with kidney and bone diseases risks. The combination Epzicom+Tivicay is reasonable.

Dolutegravir has an advantage over raltegravir. It rarely causes severe side effects in users and shows fewer adverse effects in patients over the age of 50. Only 12 out of 100 individuals had side effects that involved the nervous system.

Hypersensitivity reactions were reported in less than 1% of my patients receiving Tivicay. The most commonly reported effects were insomnia and headaches in treatment-naïve subjects. That was a pretty good result regarding drug effectiveness.

Dolutegravir monotherapy cannot not be recommended, because such a powerful component like an integrase inhibitor has to be combined with a reverse transcriptase inhibitor (dolutegravir plus lamivudine). I use it as strategy. This is a potent and safe combination that leads to fewer adverse effects, including bone and kidney problems.

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