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Tenvir-EM HIV preventionAre you at a high risk of getting HIV-1 infection? Take anti-HIV meds to lower your chance of being infected with HIV. There are various types of PrEP drugs that can prevent HIV-1 acquisition or stop the virus from taking hold and duplicating throughout your body. These meds are highly effective especially if used exactly as instructed by your doctor as well as following safe sex practices.

HIV inflicts more than 37 million individuals globally. Among other meds, FDA tentatively approved generic Truvada, an anti-HIV med from Cipla which is a drug combination of two antiretroviral agents (tenofovir and emtricitabine). It is prescribed to treat HIV/AIDS, HBV as well as used for PrEP as a prevention strategy.

Due to its high cost of buying brand-name Truvada, there are other approved generics that are exactly as Truvada but available for sale at a very cheaper price. Most of these generics cost more than 95% cheaper compared to the price of Truvada.

It’s extremely cheaper when you order from our BuyPrEPOnline online pharmacy store. Some of the approved anti-HIV generics include – Tenof-EM, Ricovir-EM, as well as Tavin-EM among others.

Daily use of PrEP medicine helps millions of people by lowering their risk of acquiring HIV either by sex or other methods by more than 90%. It’s recommended that you combine other additional strategies with PrEP to lower your risk even further. Take it consistently for the drug to be highly effective.

This description page covers the use of Tenvir-EM pills in protecting yourself from attracting HIV-1 infection. We’ll also discuss Tenvir-EM mechanism of action in combating HIV/AIDS, its side effects, drug interaction and most importantly how you can purchase these tabs at an extremely cheaper drugstore.


Benefits of Tenvir-EM 60 Tablets


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Mechanism of Action


Two antiretroviral ingredients in Tenvir-EM – tenofovir DF (belonging to a class of nucleotide analogs) and emtricitabine (from a group of meds known as nucleoside) works as follows in fighting HIV-1 infection.

Anti-HIV drugsThese meds interfere with the body enzyme called reverse transcriptase – an enzyme used by HIV-infected cells to make new viruses. Usually, when the virus infects a cell (called white blood cells or CD4 cells), it takes control of that cell and fosters it to make copies of the virus. Virus growth uses proteins known as enzymes (stated above).

Tenvir-EM reduces the activities of these infected cells by slowing down the production of more viruses. It kills down the virus from multiplying giving the CD4 cells an opportunity to recover and increase in number.

How about PrEP? Tenvir-EM is the ultimate drug to prevent the virus from entering your body. If you engage in sexual intercourse with an infected person, the active ingredients in Tenvir-EM fight the virus before it comes into contact with your blood. That’s because there is a higher concentration of Tenvir-EM in the body compared to the amount of acquired virus. It’s easy to kill the infection before it finds an opportunity to proliferate causing AIDS.

The body immune system depends on CD4 cell count. When the level of CD4 cells is low, the immune system becomes weak and other opportunistic external viruses (or infections) intrude into your body, taking advantage of the weaker immune system and causes damage to your health.

Tenvir-EM helps white blood cells gain in number and build a strong body immune system. Note that anti-HIV meds don’t kill the virus. It just limits its multiplication action which over time become fewer in number.


Proper Using of Tenvir-EM 60 Pills


Prior to using Tenvir-EM tabs, visit your medical specialist to access your health. It’s also important to list all the other drugs you’re using. Be it no prescription, herbal supplements or prescription meds. Doing so ensures you medicate anti-HIV drugs safely without harming your health.

Tenvir-EM is a daily dose. Take one tablet daily with or without meals. If you prefer, take it with a glass of water. It’s recommended that you consistently follow the doctor’s prescription to ensure you get the ultimate performance in protecting yourself from acquiring HIV-1 infection.

If you skip or forget to take the pill at the appropriate scheduled time, take it as soon as possible (only if it’s within 12 hours of the scheduled time) if it’s past 12 hours, don’t take it anymore. Wait for the next dose schedule. Always ensure you finish the dosage and abide by a mandatory checkup after 3 months.


Side Effects of PrEP Medication


Tenvir-EM is generally well tolerated. Nonetheless, like most meds, there are temporary side effects such as:


  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • cough;
  • flatulence;
  • loss of weight;
  • headache;
  • vomiting;
  • chest pain.


CoughThere may be other signs not listed above a patient may experience. While using this medication, keep track of your health and report any sign to your medical specialist.

Adverse effects:


  • few cases of kidney dysfunction using Tenvir-EM (caused by tenofovir DF). Ensure you’re regularly tested for urine and blood to ensure the healthiness of your kidney;
  • bone health – becoming thinner. Prior to taking Tenvir-EM, consult with your doctor if you have got a bone problem;
  • darker skin (which occurs in rare cases) – usually on the palms;
  • swollen pancreases glands (which are painful). In case you experience.


Symptoms may verily present itself differently from person to person. In case of any strange and unending signs, don’t be silent, call or visit your doctor for assistance. Adverse effects may harm your health if not treated.


Tenvir-EM Side Effects

Interaction with Food, Drinks and Other Medications


Before taking Tenvir-EM, consult your medical specialist about all meds you take (including herbal supplements, and street drugs). In most occurrences, drug interactions are most likely to occur with FTC or tenofovir (likely to increase or decrease its levels in the body).

If there exist any drug interactions in your body, your doctor may choose to adjust your dose – either for anti-HIV or other medication. He may also choose to recommend another anti-HIV drug.

InteractionsThe following meds are likely to cause interaction with Tenvir-EM. Our list isn’t complete and your doctor should give you detailed information having accessed your health for any possible drug interaction:


  • atazanavir and ritonavir;
  • darunavir;
  • lopinavir + ritonavir.


There is a high chance of drug interaction if you’re using meds to treat hep B, drugs for renal dysfunction, hepatotoxicity, and liver disease.

There is no data on Tenvir-EM interaction with foods. If there is, then the effect is very minor. Alcohol is mostly known to contribute to some side effects if taken in large amounts. For example, excessive intake of alcohol may contribute to the bone problems – becoming thinner than normal.

Your doctor should look closely to your health and give you detailed information primarily tailored to your health for any possible drug interactions.


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