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Tenof-EM medicationIf you’ve been diagnosed with HIV-1 infection, take anti-HIV meds as soon as possible. As it’s said, prevention is better than cure. Tenof-EM anti-HIV drug helps you stay safe whenever you’re exposed to unprotected sex. Learn how you can manage the virus with this highly effective medication.

The first step to stay strong and healthier when infected with HIV-1 is to take care of your health and keep the immune system strong. Here is the recommended remedy to stay healthy and lead a happy life.

While living with HIV, it’s advisable to keep your health strong with physical and emotional practices (or transformational remedies) and always staying true to medication.

Transformational remedies include eating healthily, performing or exercising regularly, avoiding excessive alcohol or drug use as well as having executive control of stress and getting support among other life-transforming experiences.

Other than strengthening your health with physical and emotional practices, medication plays a major role in keeping your immune system strong in fighting the infection.

Various meds are available. Although brand anti-HIV drugs are highly expensive, generic versions of Truvada (for example Tavin-EM, Ricovir-EM, Tenvir-EM, etc.) are effective and available at extremely cheaper prices. That’s what we do at our BuyPrEPOnline drugstore – providing highly effective anti-HIV and hepatitis C meds at very cheap prices.

We’ll lead you through Tenvir benefits to your health in fighting the virus, its dosage information, drug side effects, and interactions as well as how you can order quality cheap Tenvir-EM 180 tabs at our online pharmacy.

What Is Tenof-EM Used For?

Tenof-EM is a highly effective med containing two antiretroviral active ingredients – emtricitabine and tenofovir. These two antiretrovirals are used together (as a combination) to prevent and treat HIV-1 infection.

This med is primarily used for the following cases:

  • PrEP;
  • chronic hep B.

It’s widely used to prevent and treat the first two cases above. Used as PrEP, you must effectively apply other safe sex strategies to make the drug highly effective in protecting you from acquiring the virus.

Remember that Tenof-EM med is not a cure for HIV and it doesn’t prevent you from spreading the virus to your uninfected partners. While under medication, it’s necessary to follow your doctor’s instructions to stay healthier and protect your beloved ones.

How Does This Drug Work?

HIV-1 infection has no cure and the only highly effective method is to use antiretroviral meds such as Tenof-EM to prevent its virus duplication mechanism.

Once it enters your body, the virus inhibits the white blood cells (also known as CD4 cells) and uses it to replicate (using various mechanism) as it gains the cell authority, it changes it to make more copies of the virus rather than providing the defense system the body highly needed.

The more cells the virus infect, the more copies it makes of itself. As this process continues, the body immune system becomes weaker in protecting itself from external opportunistic infections (threats) since it depends on CD4 cells as a defense function.

VirusTenof-EM as an antiretroviral drug significantly slows down the duplication of the virus, restoring immune function as well as preventing the development of external opportunistic viruses (or infection). The efficacy of this drug has been proven to work very as needed.

Tenof-EM targets varying steps in the lifecycle of HIV-1 terminating its replication action by preventing the virus from further creating copies of itself using CD4 cells (T-helper cells). This action boosts the T-helper cells to gain in number giving the immune system the stronger (and effective) protection it needed in fighting viruses.

If left untreated, the virus would weaken the immune function and inviting external viruses to enter the body causing diseases. Since the body has weaker immune, these infections may cause severe damage to your health which becomes complex with treatment.

Antiretroviral meds give you stronger health. Effectively and consistently using Tenof-EM makes you stay healthier and live a longer life even with the virus.

Main Usage Tips and Dosages

Tenof-EM is a daily tab. Take one tablet once a day consistently without missing. If you miss your normal scheduled time, take the tab only if its delay time is within 12 hours. If it’s past this time, don’t take the missed dose anymore. Wait for the next scheduled time. Taking two dosages at close time interval may lead to a higher concentration of the drug in the body which might cause side effects.

Take it with a glass of water. You may also take it in a dry state or with meals. Note that taking with a high fatty food could delay the first effect of the med and more time if needed for it to take action.

To stay safe and avoid the virus treatment complications. Do not instantly stop or terminate using Tenof-EM. Instant stopping of this med could make the virus less sensitive to the drug and other antiretrovirals. Most serious is the reinstatement or worsening of HBV which demands some medical attention.

Always take this medication as instructed by your doctor.

Side Effects of Tenof-EM 180 Tablets

Concerned about side effects while using this drug? It’s common. Effects vary from person to person depending on individual health, drug combinations and tolerability. The first precaution to ensure safe dosage with fewer effects is to visit a medical specialist for a complete health checkup.

You also play an important role in disclosing all the meds you’re using to your doctor. This is to prevent possible drug interaction that might lead to adverse reaction harming your health.

DepressionUsual notable effects are:

  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • itching or rash;
  • dizziness;
  • depression;
  • vomiting;
  • fever;
  • problems in sleeping;
  • headache.

Depending on the outcome of your health, and the medications you’re using close monitoring is recommended especially for the signs of kidney and its related problems.

If you’re suffering from kidney, some symptoms of this disease might be a challenge while urinating (often painful, sometimes little or no urination), feeling tired or short of breath, swelling in your feet or ankles.

There are no serious problems using Tenof-EM if you have a liver problem. But it’s also necessary to track its symptoms such as nausea, stomach pain (usually at upper side), absence of appetite, itching, tiredness, jaundice, among others.

It’s very important to monitor lactic acidosis effect since if left untreated, it includes muscle weakness which might be painful, cold feeling in your legs and arms, a challenge in breathing, uneven (or fast) heart rate, stomach pain, and nausea. These symptoms may be caused by other conditions not necessarily lactic acidosis. You should always report any symptoms (side effects) to your health care provider.

Side Effects of Generic Truvada

Interaction with Food and Alcohol

Drug interaction with the meds you use may lead to adverse reactions. It’s very important to monitor the drugs you use in combination with Tenof-EM.

Interactions with alcohol, food and other drugsFor example, close monitoring is needed when using other meds from the following drug classification:

  • HIV-1 protease inhibitors such as atazanavir (its levels might be decreased if coadministered with Tenof-EM);
  • meds affecting renal function;
  • some HBV and hep C antiviral agents (some) especially Harvoni which raises Tenof-EM exposure in the body. Hep B med such as Hepsera cannot be combined with Tenof-EM.

Tenof-EM interaction with food is safe. Although it might react with some foods we take, there is no available data showing its adverse effect. In fact, taking Tenof-EM with foods makes its absorption faster.

Alcohol isn’t safe it taken to most of the drugs. The active substances in alcohol can contribute to some minor side effects although its clinical evidence isn’t available. Alcohol lower your ability to make rational decisions such as acting in unsafe sexual practices. It’s always recommended to avoid using alcohol when taking anti-HIV meds.

Before taking any alcohol-related drinks, always consult with your doctor. Doctor’s advice is necessary to avoid harming your health with unwelcome effects.

Reviews and Ratings

What do customers say about Tenof-EM 180 tabs? Due to its high efficacy and tolerability, this med is positively rated by our clients. Most customers prefer to order these tabs or even more to get a higher discount and other great offers.

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Tenof-EM Feedbacks

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