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Get PrEP online and enjoy the benefits of generic Truvada from India. Our generic Indian HIV drugs come under Tenvir-EM, Tenof-EM, Tavin-EM, and Ricovir-EM names.

The two most widely used versions of generic Truvada for PrEP are Tenvir-EM (from Cipla, our bestseller) and Ricovir-EM (from Mylan), both of which are approved by the US FDA and by the World Health Organization.

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PrEP pillsTenvir-EM is the most sought after Truvada generic medication for everyday use in treating various ailments including HIV/AIDS, HBV as well as PrEP. There are other generic versions of Truvada available for sale at our inexpensive, highly rated BuyPrEPOnline online drugstore.

HIV/AIDS has no cure. There hasn’t been any med for curing this devastating disease affecting the body’s immune system triggering the opportunistic infections to erode the patient health leading to death if left untreated.

Earlier brand-name versions of anti-HIV medications were very expensive and not easily accessible to many people from developing or low-income nations. Thanks to the introduction of generic versions of these drugs. There are cost-effective Truvada generics including Tenvir-EM (from Cipla), Tavin-EM, Ricovir-EM, and Tenof-EM.

All these drugs are recommended by the U.S. FDA and WHO for treating HIV, hepatitis B and for preventing HIV infection as a PrEP. This means they have the same active components and effectiveness as the brand-name versions.

Before you proceed to order Tenvir-EM 360 tabs, it’s very important to first understand the drug dosage information and uses, warnings & precautions, drug interactions as well as how you can cheaply order these drugs from our internet drugstore at an extremely cheaper price not found from other online pharmacy stores.


Benefits of Tenvir-EM 360 Tablets


Generic drugs come with a lot of benefits. Cost-effectiveness is the ultimate benefit. Tenvir-EM is highly effective. There is no difference in how the drug performs in treating the aforementioned therapies. Although it has the same drug formulation as the brand-name version, Tenvir-EM is extremely cheaper.

Its cost is more than 95% lower the cost of brand-name version – Truvada. That’s the price we give you at our BuyPrEPOnline internet drugstore. Our prices are based on the manufacturing prices in India making us one of the top leading providers of cheap Tenvir-EM 360 pills.

Let’s do our simple math (applicable from our BuyPrEPOnline pharmacy store):


  • cost of Tenvir-EM 30 tabs is $59 ($1.99 per pill);
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The availability of Tenvir-EM is now possible since there are many manufacturers who distribute these meds globally at a small fee or free shipping when you order in bulk. It’s now easy to get the drug at your own country or use a highly-rated internet drugstore to order your medications.

At our BuyPrEPOnline pharmacy, we ship Tenvir-EM medications globally at an extremely favorable delivery fee. When you order in bulk or if your order exceeds $150, we give you free shipping without any additional charges.

Take this opportunity. Buy Tenvir-EM tablets and treat your disease. Emtricitabine/tenofovir is highly effective in preventing you from acquiring HIV-1 if used as instructed by your doctor alongside safe sex actions.


Mechanism of Action


Woman takes PrEPPrior to knowing how Tenvir-EM meds function when you swallow it, it’s important to understand how HIV functions in destroying your health.

Once an individual engages in unsafe sex with the partner infected by HIV, the virus enters the uninfected person, takes hold and begins its action of replicating (or multiplying). The human immune system relies on the presence of white blood cells (or CD4 cells). The more the number of these cells, the stronger the immune system.

The effect of HIV-1 infection is to use the mechanism of CD4 cells (by inhibiting it) to increase (make copies of itself) and expand all over the body. When it inhibits the action of CD4, it prevents it from effectively providing the ultimate defense mechanism needed by the body to protect itself from external infections. This phenomenon weakens the body’s immune system and over time, the number of the CD4 cells are fewer unable to fight other opportunistic infections.

Tenvir-EM for PrEP prevents the virus from entering your body. Since there is a higher concentration of Tenvir-EM in the body, the virus finds it difficult to take hold and proliferate. If infected, it works by reversing the nature of HIV by blocking its inhibiting action (which is needed for replication). When this action is prevented, HIV ceases to multiply and over time, its number is reduced allowing the CD4 cells to regain its initial cell count needed for a healthy immune system.

Note that Tenvir-EM doesn’t completely kill or cure HIV. Its action is to ONLY reduce its destructive effect by limiting virus duplications ensuring CD4 cells are kept constant and effective in fighting infections which may cause diseases.


Proper Using of Tenvir-EM 360 Pills


Used according to the recommendation by a specialist or a doctor, take one tablet a day at the exact same time. If it happens you forget to take at a scheduled time, take the pill as early within 12 hours. If it’s past 12 hours, don’t take the pill but rather wait until the next schedule.

You may take it with or without food. Alternatively, you may swallow it with a glass of water. Don’t take more tabs than recommended by your medical specialist. Furthermore, it’s also important to complete the given dosage to ensure effective treatment and avoid some unwelcome effects that may arise from uncompleted dosage.

If using Tenvir-EM as a PrEP medication, it’s advisable to use it as directed by your doctor (strictly following dosing schedule). For effective prevention, these tablets are used in combination with safer sex actions to decrease the chances of sexually acquired HIV-1 infections. Adherence to the dosage is directly related to the possibility of contracting the virus.

Prior to using Tenvir-EM, it’s important to know the drug warnings and precautions. This helps minimize the adverse effects that may arise to harm your health. First, a doctor should test your health especially for the presence of hepatitis B virus infection.

Moreover, a doctor should assess serum creatinine and its related indications all patients especially patients with chronic kidney disease. Your HIV-1 status is required if using this med as PrEP and follow-up is required at a time span of 12 weeks while taking Tenvir-EM.


Side Effects of PrEP Medication


Chest painThere is no 100 percent (or rather hard to find) medication that doesn’t involve some form of negative effects (either minor or adverse effects) when used as treatment. Tenvir-EM is a drug known to have high efficacy and tolerability with fewer effects. These effects (especially adverse ones) can be managed if the patient follows the doctor’s drug prescription and adhere to the drug warnings and precautions.

Although most of the people don’t report major side effects when using these meds as PrEP, here are some commonly known effects a patient is likely to encounter:


  • diarrhoea;
  • headache;
  • chest pain;
  • hoarseness;
  • bloating;
  • fever;
  • loss of weight;
  • mild nausea;
  • indigestion.


Effects vary from individual to individual and it’s very important to closely monitor your health for any possible signs that may harm your health. As it is well known, PrEP drugs affect kidney and close monitoring is recommended.

Tenvir-EM for PrEP can also lower bone density by a small percentage (likely to cause slight thinning of the bones). With this effect, thinning of the bone reverses after PrEP is terminated.

Other possible effects can be confirmed by a doctor after accessing your health. The stronger your health is, the harder you’ll be in attracting side effects.


Full Info About Side Effects

Interaction with Food, Drinks and Other Medications


Drug interactionsTenvir-EM doesn’t interact with most of the drugs. Nonetheless, you should always tell your medical specialist if you’re prescribed other medicines. Inform your doctor about your choice to take PrEP so that he/she can check for any possible interactions. List all the meds including with no prescriptions ones, prescriptions, herbal remedies, etc.

There are no known interactions of the foods a person takes with Tenvir-EM. Drinking alcohol may cause some minor effects to a particular person and it’s important to avoid the use of alcohol while using Tenvir-EM. If you can’t avoid it completely, limit its usage (take it in small quantities).

Some drugs from HIV-1 protease inhibitors class, NRTI, hepatitis C antiviral agents are known to interact and cause some medical attention if taken with Tenvir-EM. If you can’t avoid meds from these classes, talk with your medical specialist for possible safest ways to use these meds alongside Tenvir-EM to limit adverse reactions.

Using nucleoside analogs like Tenvir-EM can cause lactic acidosis. Other results from drug combinations can lead to adverse effects listed above. The safest way to be healthier with Tenvir-EM medication is to openly discuss your health status as well as medical use for the doctor to access if you qualify for anti-HIV medication.


Ratings and Reviews


Clients’ reviews don’t lie. We rely on our clients’ testimonials to rate how our anti-HIV meds work on them. Note that customer reviews are based on their own personalized drug experiences and the effects they encounter doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the general indicator affecting all people using that med.

From the review tab, we have plenty of Tenvir-EM positive reviews. Most customers find it effective with fewer side effects. As gratitude for leaving us an honest review, we give you $20 as a discount to be used on your next purchase. If you’re our new returning customer, you get $10 off. Combined, you’ll have saved $30.


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