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Tenof-EM blue pillsLiving with HIV may be challenging especially the first part after you realized that you’re infected with the virus. You have to deal with both physical illness as well as mental health.

Coping with this experience shouldn’t be a challenge. We’ll show you how to use highly effective medication to treat the infection and lead a longer, happier, and healthy life.

Many people infected with HIV find themselves in an uncomfortable zone where they have to find ways to treat the virus while comforting themselves to cope with the condition. Good news is – medication is the best remedy to overcome this condition.

Contracting HIV can be a life-changing encounter, but it’s always necessary to think positive and explore new ways to live healthier with the right medication and having positive mental health.

It’s okay to feel negative about yourself at first. As you find effective ways to treat the virus, these feelings fade away after a while. Although there is no cure for HIV-1 infection, there are excellent treatments using anti-HIV drugs that reduce virus infection helping you lead long and full life.

HIV can have a major impact on several parts of your life, especially if not carefully treated. It’s important to use proper medication and apply actionable mental and physical exercises.

There are several brand-names and generic versions of HIV meds. Branded meds are very expensive while its generic counterparts are available at an extremely cheaper price.

At our store, we help you get various high quality and cost-effective anti-HIV generic meds including Tenof-EM, Tenvir-EM, Ricovir-EM, and Tavin-EM among several others.

We’ll focus on Tenof-EM 90 tablets. Join me as we discuss how this drug can transform your health in combating the virus in your body. You’ll be informed on drug dosage tips, its possible side effects, drug interaction as well as how you can order these tabs at our BuyPrEPOnline online pharmacy store while spending less money.


What Is Tenof-EM Used For?


Anti-HIV drugsTenof-EM is an anti-HIV drug manufactured by Hetero. It’s a highly effective med (with fewer side effects) containing two antiretroviral ingredients – tenofovir and emtricitabine which are primarily indicated for preventing and treating HIV/AIDS.

If you’re looking for PrEP medication, this med is right for you. If you’re infected with the virus and need to manage the infection, I recommend this drug. Tenof-EM can also be used in treating hep B infection.

It’s always necessary to know that Tenof-EM is only used if you know your HIV status and having been recommended by a doctor. If you’re using for PrEP, other prevention techniques must be used for the drug to work and provide the effective protection you need.


How Does This Drug Work?


As research continues finding for a drug to cure HIV, there are various effective meds used to treat and prevent the virus from increasing (duplicating) in the body.

HIV-1 infection is known to take control of the white blood cells (also T-helpers or CD4 cells) and use it to make copies of itself. When these T-helpers become infected, in large numbers, the body immune function becomes weak as it depends on CD4 cells s defensive mechanism.

Anti-HIV meds such as Tenof-EM inhibit the action of the virus preventing its further action of duplicating and infecting more cells. Increase in T-helpers restores immune function to normal.

HIV/AIDS doesn’t have its own signs. By weakening the immune system, other opportunistic infection takes advantage and cause illness to the body. With the further weakening of the CD4cells, these infections expand and may cause serious health problems complicating its treatment.

The effectiveness of Tenof-EM is to limit the virus multiplication action, giving the immune system a consistent CD4 count and preventing other opportunistic viruses from affecting your body. Tenof-EM effect gives you a healthier and longer life.


Main Usage Tips and Dosages


Woman takes PrEPSince Tenof-EM is available without a prescription, you’re required to visit your doctor and discuss the safest and effective ways to treat or prevent HIV-1 infection.

Your medical specialist must be able to perform a complete health checkup to ensure you’re healthy enough to use Tenof-EM. If you’re diagnosed with other diseases, he/she must recommend the safest way to either use both drugs concurrently, recommended another drug, or perform drug adjustment to ensure you treat the virus effectively while keeping yourself safe from drug interactions at the same time.

Make sure to list all the medications you’re currently using to your doctor. This part is very important as Tenof-EM is known to interact with other drugs.

Take one tablet of Tenof-EM once daily. As you prefer, you may take it with a glass of water, with some foods or in a dry state. After starting the medication never miss a dose. If you miss it, take it as early within 12 hours after the normally scheduled time.

Most importantly, it’s advisable to consistently use the dosage for a period your doctor recommends. Never stop it by yourself. Terminating Tenof-EM might make the HIV virus less sensitive to the medication (especially antiretroviral agents).

There is also a possibility of reinstatement or aggravation of hepatitis B. if you feel like you need to stop using this drug, talk with your doctor on how best to stop it.


Side Effects of Tenof-EM 90 Tablets


Skin rashPrior to using this med, consult your doctor for a complete health checkup. Come health conditions may prevent you from using Tenof-EM. For example, some meds may interfere with Tenof-EM causing serious effects to your health.

Known effects include:


  • nausea;
  • fever;
  • itching or rash;
  • vomiting;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • depression;
  • problems in sleeping;
  • diarrhea.


It is very important to monitor drug performance and special effects that may be a sign of adverse effect especially for kidney and its related conditions.

Kidney problems may present itself with these symptoms challenge in urinating (painful, little or no urination sometimes), exhausted or short of breath, swelling in your ankles or feet.

Liver disease is commonly checked. As with Tenof-EM medication, there are no serious problems. But it’s very important to track its signs such as nausea, stomach pain (that occurs at the upper side), itching, feeling tired, jaundice, absence of appetite, among others.

Lactic acidosis is another serious effect that must be monitored. It might get worse if left untreated, its symptoms may present itself as muscle weakness (sometimes painful), feeling cold (legs and arms), uneven (sometimes fast) heartbeat, stomach pain, and nausea among other signs.

Symptoms vary from person to person. It’s always necessary to involve your doctor whenever you feel any sign that’s not usually normal. The earlier termination of these symptoms is better than making it cause other illnesses that might become challenging to treat.


More Side Effects Listed Here

Interaction with Food and Alcohol


Drug interaction is common for most meds if taken with foods or coadministered with other medicines. Not all meds interact with other drugs and not all drugs interact with foods or alcohol.

It’s necessary to pay attention to medication side effects as it may be a sign of drug interaction. It’s common for anti-HIV drugs to interact with kidney treatment meds or interact with the disease itself.

Drug interactionsYour doctor will examine all the meds you take. It’s known that some drugs from these drug classes cause interaction with Tenof-EM:


  • HIV-1 protease inhibitors;
  • some hep C (especially Harvoni) and hep B (especially Hepsera) antiviral agents;
  • medicines affecting renal function;
  • some nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors meds (especially didanosine).


Tenof-EM is well tolerated with foods. In fact, meals speed the absorption of Tenof-EM with only one exception – high fatty meals which can delay the drug reaction. Although there might be a minor drug interaction with foods, its side effect doesn’t cause harm to your health.

Alcohol doesn’t cause drug interaction on its own when used with Tenof-EM. It’s known that alcohol contributes to health deterioration especially if a person is medicating an illness (especially liver disease) and it’s very important to avoid it.

Drinking too much alcohol weakens the immune function, making your body vulnerable to infectious illnesses such as tuberculosis and pneumonia among others.


Reviews and Ratings


Reviews strengthen our credibility and gain customer trust. Testimonials encourage our clients to interact with our online pharmacy drugstore more openly and help them get detailed opinions on how Tenof-EM 90 tabs respond to each individual.

Reviews are individual personalized experiences with the medicines. Most of our clients have positive reviews on the effect of Tenof-EM. Whenever you leave an honest review on the experiences of this drug with your medication, we give you a $15 discount which you can use to cut the cost on your next purchase.

We do appreciate leaving us a review whenever you shop with us.


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