Truvada Vs Genvoya: What Is the Difference?

Finding the right drug to prevent or treat HIV is extremely important. Your health is paramount and it should be the first priority when looking for highly effective and tolerable meds with fewer side effects. If you are in the midst of choosing between Truvada and Genvoya, here is what you need to know.

At BuyPrEPOnline, we cover helpful tips and guides to help you to be informed and safely use the right drug for PrEP as well as HIV/AIDS treatments. Truvada has been around since 2004 as the best drug with high efficacy and tolerability. Genvoya was released in 2016 with more interesting benefits compared with Truvada, as discussed below.

Truvada Vs Genvoya: What Is the Difference?What Are These Medications Used For?

When HIV threatens human existence, there has been unending research with the goal of finding a cure for this global epidemic. Being a very rare infection with complexity in treatment, there are various drugs that are now available in the healthcare system to treat HIV/AIDS.

Some drugs are better than others. Some may be highly effective in managing or fighting the virus but are often accompanied by adverse reactions or health conditions. What if there is a drug that provides high efficacy and tolerability with fewer side effects?

That’s the case with Truvada and Genvoya. Both drugs are designed with a slightly different mode of action to reduce some severe side effects, like bone loss and kidney or liver conditions.

If you are infected with HIV/AIDS, both Truvada and Genvoya are among the first choices of drugs to be prescribed based on the patient’s health condition. Truvada has another extension as discussed below.

Truvada Main Uses

Truvada has been the go-to drug when it comes to treating HIV. With its active substances – emtricitabine and tenofovir, it’s a drug that has high efficacy and tolerability. If taken as prescribed by a medical specialist, it can be beneficial in fighting the virus and restoring the patient’s immune system to normal.

Although Truvada may list extreme adverse effects compared to Genvoya, it’s a drug that has to withstand its test over time. If prescribed to a healthy person with no health problems, its outcome is really impressive in suppressing the viral load in the blood.

Truvada has another function – as PrEP. It was the first drug to be approved to help individuals who are at a high risk of getting an HIV infection. Since it’s a pill designed primarily to combat the HIV virus, it doesn’t protect a patient from acquiring other sexual infections and other safe sex methods should be practiced. As PrEP, Truvada is recommended to be used alongside these safe sex methods in order to provide optimal protection of up to 99% or more.

TDF/FTC is also approved as a treatment for hepatitis B infection.

What Is Genvoya Prescribed For?

Anti-HIV drugsThe active medicines in Genvoya are prescribed for HIV treatment. In fact, it contains a prodrug of tenofovir – tenofovir alafenamide, which is designed to smoothly enter the body tissues without causing adverse effects, unlike those common with tenofovir.

All active substances include elvitegravir, emtricitabine, cobicistat, and tenofovir alafenamide. It’s a four-drug combination of Typbost (containing cobicistat), tenofovir AF, Vitekta (containing elvitegravir), as well as Emtriva (containing emtricitabine). These four medicines can be purchased individually for use in combination with other medicines as anti-HIV treatment. With the combination of these four active substances in one tablet, it’s convenient and easy to administer, unlike taking four different meds separately.

It was approved in 2015 as a 4-in-1 tablet (full regimen or dose prescription) for the treatment of HIV-infection.

Unlike Truvada, which is used together with other HIV medications to fight the virus, Genvoya is a single tablet that’s ideal for HIV treatment. You don’t have to worry about looking for different drugs to make Truvada a complete regimen. Genvoya is convenient and highly tolerable.

Does Truvada Work the Same Way As Genvoya?

Although both drugs work using a slightly different mode of action, the end result is to reduce the spread of the virus in the body. Truvada is only an NRTI and it needs an additional third antiretroviral agent from the INSTI drug class. In most of the cases, it’s recommended to use either dolutegravir (such as Tivicay) or raltegravir (such as Isentress) or any other drugs from the same drug class that can be used to form a complete anti-HIV regimen with Truvada.

In contrast, Genvoya is among the latest drugs containing all the combinations needed to make a complete anti-HIV regimen in treating HIV. Since it contains elvitegravir (Vitekta), an integrase inhibitor, it requires a pharmacological booster or enhancer. In this drug combination, the enhancer used is cobicistat.

Truvada Mechanism of Action

TDF/FTC is an NRTI drug that’s designed to inhibit the HIV virus in the body. Once the virus enters into the blood, it begins to use the cell DNA by converting it into viral DNA and begins to replicate. The mode of action of Truvada is to inhibit this action of the virus and prohibits the virus from (1) replicating and (2) from infecting other cells (known as CD4 cells or T-cells).

Truvada doesn’t cure the infected cells. Truvada works to lower the viral count by suppressing its viral load and increasing the CD4 cell count. This gives the body a healthy immune function that can prevent opportunistic infections from causing illnesses.

Genvoya Mode of Action

T-helper cellThree medicines available in Genvoya effectively work together to fight the HIV virus from further destroying the body’s T-cells.

Elvitegravir inhibits the activity of HIV-1 integrase – an enzyme required for viral replication. Its action is to prevent the enzyme (HIV-1 DNA) from integrating into the host cell genome. Emtricitabine inhibits the activity of the viral reverse transcriptase.

Cobicistat is used as a pharmacokinetic booster to increase serum concentration elvitegravir. All these medicines, including tenofovir alafenamide, effectively combat the virus and limit its destructive activities in the white blood cells (or CD4 cells).

When the activity of the virus has been limited, the CD4 cells return back to their normal process. Note that the immune system relies on CD4 cells and once infected, their action is prevented from meeting the needs of the immune system. This results in a weaker immune function, leading to illnesses arising from opportunistic external infections.

When the virus action is terminated, the patient’s health returns to normal and is stronger. Although the virus still exists in the body, the patient’s viral load is reduced and the body becomes stronger, healthier, and the patient can live longer.

Truvada Versus Genvoya: Comparison Chart

Which drug to choose depends on your health and the condition of your HIV. Both drugs are extremely effective. The difference can be a bit smaller but still, there might be a drug that’s not inferior compared to the other.

Here is a detailed comparison table for Truvada vs. Genvoya, showing how both drugs relate or differ from one another:

Brand Name/Active Ingredient Truvada (emtricitabine/tenofovir) Genvoya (elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir)
Manufacturer Gilead Sciences Gilead Sciences
Success Rate
  • Truvada’s success rate as PrEP is 99%;
  • 70%+ among individuals injecting drugs.
The success rate of Genvoya is more than 92%. Adhering to the prescription and visiting a doctor prior to getting a dosage gives a higher success rate.
Drug Class NRTIs (antiviral combinations) NRTIs + integrase inhibitor (or antiviral combinations)
Approved by the U.S. FDA
  • for treating HIV/AIDS – Aug 2, 2004;
  • approved as PrEP on Jul 16, 2012 – used alongside other safer sex methods.
Approved in 2015 as a full regimen (4-in-1 tablet) for HIV treatment.
Prescribed For
  • hepatitis B treatment;
  • PrEP.

Used alone to prevent HIV-1 acquisition; used with other meds (as a combination) to combat HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS treatment.
Effectiveness Truvada as a PrEP med is well tolerated and provides up to 92%-99% reduction in HIV risk if taken as instructed by the medical specialist. Genvoya is a well-tolerated, safe and effective, especially when a patient is having liver, kidney, or BMD problem, when compared to Truvada as an HIV/AIDS medication.
Dosage Forms Oral tablet Oral tablet
What Does It Look Like? Truvada pill Genvoya tab
Consumption Instructions
  • take 1 tab daily with or without a meal at the same time each day;
  • for PrEP, use other safer sex actions like a condom for higher protection.
  • Genvoya is one pill daily, taken with a meal;
  • cannot be taken with other HIV drugs.
Half-Life Approx. 25.7 hours 17 hours
Available Generics Generics of Truvada are not yet available. It will be available in 2020 after the Truvada patent expiry. Nonetheless, there are generic meds that have the same active substances of Truvada and are approved by the FDA for HIV/AIDS and PrEP, such as Tenof-EM, Tenvir-EM, Ricovir-EM nd Tavin-EM. There is no approved generic version of Genvoya. Since Genvoya has four medicines in one pill, each of the medicines is likely to have a generic version of the branded drug. That means the generic equivalents to Genvoya are drugs containing the active substances – elvitegravir; emtricitabine; tenofovir AF, and cobicistat.
Brand Price (30 tabs) Average price for 30 pills= $1,843.75 Average cost of 30 tabs = $3,234.45
Generic Price (30 tabs) Generic meds with the same active medicines as Truvada include Tenof-EM, Tenvir-EM, Ricovir-EM and more. These meds cost less than $2 per pill. I.e. Tenvir-EM average cost is $59 for 30 tabs. Like Truvada, Generic Genvoya cost less than $80 from some suppliers.
User Experience Reviews on this medicine have the following results:

  • 100% said it’s worth it;
  • 94% rate it as highly effectiveness and tolerable;

On average, it scores 9/10 based on 19 reviews.

Genvoya is highly effective, very well tolerated and comes with fewer effects as compared to Truvada although it cost more.

  • it scores 7.3 out of 10 from 106 reviewers;
  • 4.13 and 4.33 out of 5 for its effectiveness and satisfaction respectively.
Main Interactions Truvada main interactions include:

  • didanosine meds;
  • lopinavir/ritonavir and other HIV-1 protease inhibitors;
  • HBV antiretroviral
  • meds causing renal function, kidney and liver.

Check with your doctor for all possible interactions before using Truvada either as PrEP or HIV treatment.

  • other anti-HIV meds;
  • products that contain elvitegravir, cobicistat, emtricitabine, lamivudine, or tenofovir AF.
  • antibiotics;
  • male impotence agents;
  • drugs to treat/medicate diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

There are many drugs that interact with Genvoya. Your doctor should let you know the drugs that can cause an adverse reaction or harm your health.

Possible Adverse Reactions Adverse reactions can be avoided if you let your doctor examine your health before using Truvada. Adverse reactions:

  • renal impairment conditions;
  • may lead to immune reconstruction syndrome;
  • a severe onset of hep B in patients with HIV-1 and HBV;
  • lactic acidosis;
  • bone reduction;
  • drug interactions;
  • drug resistance while using as PrEP.
Some adverse reactions include:

  • serious acute exacerbation of hep B in people diagnosed with both HIV-1 and HBV;
  • lactic acidosis or enlarged fatty liver;
  • Immune reconstruction syndrome;
  • kidney damage;
  • drug interactions.

Which Medication Is Tolerated Better?

Doctor's opinionWeighing both drugs can be easy. What’s important is to assess the patient’s health and recommend the best drug that presents itself safely. Truvada can be worst in some adverse conditions while Genvoya seems to take advantage of TAF, leading to which is good for patients with poor BMD or kidney problems.

Tenofovir (TDF) is known to be associated with kidney and bone toxicities. With the improved prodrug of tenofovir (TAF), these effects have been found to be a lower risk. However, with such a praised profile, the risk for high cholesterol levels is much higher in Genvoya.

When choosing a drug that gives you the best tolerability, it’s necessary to consult with a doctor and discuss all the drugs you are using (OTC drugs, prescription meds, recreational drugs, herbal remedies, etc.). Based on the outcome, your medical specialist can prescribe you the right drug that’s safer with your current health.

Real Reviews and Testimonials of Customers

Both meds have outstanding reviews. From various reliable sources, users who use Truvada give it the best rating based on their experience with it as an HIV drug. It scores 9/10 from 19 testimonials. In contrast, Genvoya has a 7.3 based on 106 reviews.

As to which drug is effective, I presume both drugs give the same performance but varying tolerability. TAF, as a prodrug of tenofovir, is much more tolerable but often times, it may be associated with adverse effects or reactions.

Don’t just use reviews as a determinant factor. It’s also important to consider that reviews are based on individual experience, which are often times associated with their health status. If you are in good health, Truvada can be your best bet. Otherwise, Genvoya can save your health if you have some illnesses that can be worsened if using TDF.

Which Drug to Choose?

HIV/AIDS is something to consider treating very effectively. Although there is no cure, finding the right medication that provides high efficacy and tolerability is the best option.

Comparing Truvada and Genvoya as a treatment for HIV involves a lot of details. But it all boils down to tolerability. Your health is paramount and treating the underlying condition without harming your health is beneficial. Drugs do have side effects, but balancing between the pros and cons can be the best bet.

Pricing is also a factor. Both drugs are extremely expensive. Truvada costs more than $1,800 without insurance while Genvoya costs more than $3,200. How about generics? Have you considered?

If you can’t afford these meds, there are other substantially cheaper generics that effectively give you the same performance and tolerability when treating HIV.

Should you make a choice between the two, this table will help you with this decision:

Drug Name Pros Cons
  • TDF/FTC is among the first drug choices for treating HIV/AIDS used in addition to another HIV medication;
  • it’s also the first choice med as PrEP for preventing HIV-1 infection;
  • relatively more affordable compared to other combination regimens;
  • one pill taken daily with or without a meal;
  • has high efficacy in preventing and treating HIV.
  • as PrEP, you should continue to use other safer sex methods. It won’t protect you from other sexual infections;
  • used as PrEP, you have to adhere to 12 weeks of mandatory HIV tests and an overall health check;
  • not advisable to be used by patients with poor kidney functioning;
  • it may cause bone impairment;
  • associated with hepatitis B problems. It may get worse if stop using TDF/FTC.
  • fewer side effects and less toxic to kidneys and bones;
  • lower drug exposure (considering effects or reactions) due to improved cellular penetration from TAF;
  • convenient as a 4-in-1 medicine;
  • a daily tablet. Must be taken with food or administered after a meal;
  • highly effective and tolerable, as well as a recommended drug for HIV treatment.
  • can increase cholesterol levels;
  • can interact with several other drugs;
  • very expensive;
  • must be taken with food or after a meal.

Where to Buy Quality Medications Online Without Prescription?

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If you would like to order one of the meds for HIV treatment, consider its cost. If you need support, there are country-based programs or insurance that covers the cost of HIV or PrEP medication. What if your country doesn’t have it or you don’t meet the requirements?

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