How to Get Free PrEP Drugs Through a Trial?

Since generic PrEP drugs were introduced into the market, many people have doubted their effectiveness. However, numerous clinical trials have been done and generic PrEP is considered safe. For those who don’t trust generic PrEP drugs, a trial is a sure way to gauge the effectiveness of the drugs. There are numerous ways to acquire PrEP through trials.

The original PrEP is very expensive and not accessible to many. However, generic PrEP medications, which contain the same exact active ingredients, are cheaper and equally effective alternatives. They are FDA approved and can be sold online without necessarily providing a prescription. At BuyPrEPOnline, you can get a Ricovir-EM Trial Pack and free samples of Tenvir-EM. PrEP tablets are 90% cheaper than branded options. We will explore the benefits of ordering PrEP meds for trial, the samples that you can order, how to get the meds through clinical trials and where you can get PrEP for free.

What Are the Benefits of Ordering PrEP Meds for Trial?

PrEP tablets, which are administered orally, are a good and safe choice that people who wish to prevent HIV infection can use. These tablets are a vaccine, and not an HIV cure. They function by impeding the cloning of the virus once it has attacked the body. They hinder the development of the virus which results in infection by preventing combination of the viral DNA.

As a new user of PrEP tablets, you may need the be assured of the efficiency of the drugs you want to use before your purchase. You may wonder whether the dosage works as expected or if they are the right option for you. Generally, it is recommended that you seek out online stores that offer free samples as we do. We offer a chance to order free samples of either Ricovir-EM Trial Pack or Tenvir-EM. There are many benefits of trying out free samples, such as:

  • spending only on effective drugs – if one option is not working as effectively, you can switch to the other;
  • being better informed and more in control of your choices – trying out both options allows you to know what drugs work best for you;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of your online drug store – through the ordering of trial PrEP meds you become aware of the efficiency of a particular online drugstore in delivering their products and their payment modes.

How to get free PrEP drugs through a trial

What Samples of PrEP Medications Can I Order?

PrEP meds will prevent you from exposure to the virus, but not from pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections (STIs). For the efficiency of PrEP drugs, it is advisable that you adopt consistent use, which is 1 pill daily for a minimum of a month. While these meds can reduce your chances of infection, 100% effectiveness is not guaranteed. To increase their success rate, you should consider practicing safe sex by using condoms. We have made it easy for you to order either of these options. All you need to do is to share our drug page on the web; be it Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp or even your personal blog. These shares help us make PrEP cheaper and affordable, hence more accessible to more individuals. Your support will also enable us to keep our online pharmacy running.

Ricovir-EM Trial Pack

We present all our new customers with the opportunity to order either Ricovir-EM Trial Pack or free samples of Tenvir-EM to gauge the effectiveness of the meds. Ricovir-EM Trial Pack is 90% cheaper than its brand-name drug, making it more affordable and accessible. It contains high quality Indian generic anti-HIV pills containing emtricitabine 200 mg and tenofovir 300 mg. It has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Moreover, the Word Health Organization (WHO) recommends it. You can only have one bottle of PrEP meds. Unfortunately, free PrEP pills samples are not available for re-orders.

Free Samples of Tenvir-EM

HIV preventionWe offer free samples of Tenvir-EM as an alternative for Ricovir-EM Trial Pack as proof of our trustworthiness, reliability and quality of our products. Tenvir-EM also contains emtricitabine 200 mg and tenofovir 300 mg. It is an equally effective anti-HIV medication since it contains similar active ingredients as Truvada, which is commonly used for HIV treatment. Tenvir-EM is also used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B (HBV) because it is a reverse transcriptase inhibitor. As such, you should take caution before administering Tenvir-EM to minimize the risk of complications associated with drug combinations.

How Can I Get Meds Through Clinical Trials?

PrEP pills are taken short term and are helpful in situations where you are exposed to infection. They include:

  • having sex with an infected partner;
  • when in areas of high HIV incidence;
  • injecting drugs;
  • engaging in sex work;
  •  if you are a man who has sex with other men;
  • recent infection with an STI.

If you fall in any of these categories, you are considered to be at high risk of infection. Clinical trials give priority to such persons and usually seek to recruit many individuals to be tested over a given period of time to analyze the effectiveness of PrEP meds. Many clinical trials provide for websites where you can log in and apply to be a beneficiary. These trials are often conducted in local clinics which provide sexual health services. Once you enroll in the trial, you are assured of access to a PrEP dose. You can also reach out to various organizations such as the Terrence Higgins Trust Helpline (THT Direct), which can offer you more information and advice on clinical trials.

Where to Get PrEP for Free?

Buy onlineAt BuyPrEPOnline internet pharmacy, we offer all new customers samples of generic Ricovir-EM Trial Pack and free samples of Tenvir-EM. There are many perks of obtaining free samples from us. Our free samples help you gauge the effectiveness of a particular drug. We help you to save on unnecessary costs by enabling you to only purchase medication that actually works for you. Both Ricovir-EM Trial Pack and Free Samples of Tenvir-EM are of the highest standard. They are not only recommended by WHO but are also approved by the FDA. This proves that these products are trustworthy, pure and reliable, and so are we.

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