Guide to Buying PrEP Online Safely

PrEP is the leading drug against HIV infection, and as it has gained popularity it has also become a source for scammers to gain a quick buck, either through the sale of a counterfeit version of the drug on street corners, or through fake sites that deliver nothing but empty promises.

It’s not common to find people freely talking about how to acquire Truvada. This has led to the existence of a very big gap in getting information pertaining to PrEP. Traditionally, people got this drug discretely from health clinics but times have changed and distribution systems have advanced.

Online pharmacies provide an easy method of accessing the drug, as compared to getting it from local health providers.

Online purchase offers the discretion, convenience, and anonymity one can expect from this method. When accessing PrEP online, it is pertinent for one to follow guidelines that will ensure safe consumption. This article provides important information for those buying PrEP online.

Important Steps Before Buying PrEP Medications

Though the sell and use of PrEP generic drugs are safe and legal, there are some important factors one should consider before ordering it. These are:

Get Tested for HIV

Additional medication may be needed if you’ve started taking PrEP and you’re already positive. If a full course of treatment is delayed, treatment of HIV becomes harder. As long as one doesn’t have the disease, this drug is safe. Inhibitors in the drug are not adequate for proper treatment if one is HIV positive.

Guide to buying PrEP online safely

Get Tested for Hepatitis-B

It is very important that you find out your hepatitis B status before using PrEP. If you’ve had all the vaccinations and your body has developed immunity, there should be no problem. If you have hepatitis B, you should first consult a doctor.

Get Your Kidney Tested

It is rare but PrEP can affect your kidneys. It can really affect kidney functions and lead to serious problems. Therefore, it’s very important that you get your kidney function tested and get a go-ahead from your doctor to use PrEP if your kidney function is normal.

Check Whether the Drugs You’re Taking Might React with PrEP

Ask a doctor whether it’s safe to take PrEP while taking other drugs. People on regular treatment for other health conditions need to check that there are no interactions between the drugs they’re already taking and PrEP.

Choose Your Preferred Method of Obtaining PrEP

Where to buy PrEP meds in your area is an important factor. You could either buy it from a medical center or from an online pharmacy. Buying PrEP physically from a medical facility certainly depends on the laws of the country. Some sites also cannot deliver to certain regions overseas. This could be either due to the policies of a country for the importation of PrEP or if the cost of shipping to that particular country is expensive.

How Can I Get PrEP for HIV Prevention?

HIV preventionA majority of insurance providers, including Medicaid in the US, usually cover PrEP. Confirm with your provider whether PrEP is actually covered on your plan. Gilead (the original PrEP manufacturers) or patient advocacy groups can also help with expenses like coinsurance, copays, and deductibles. If one doesn’t have health insurance, Gilead can offer assistance through a program that provides free drugs depending on a person’s income. However, your doctor should submit an application to check your illegibility.

If you’re not eligible to get this drug through insurance providers, you can buy a generic version from overseas suppliers who are reliable. You can visit reliable online pharmacies that offer the drug at affordable prices. BuyPrEPOnline offers this medication in a way that is legal and easy to acquire.

Research is done by the WHO shows online purchase of generic Truvada is happening on a large scale, not only in European countries and North America but also in Asia, Australia, and regions of South America and Africa. According to a London-based research study back in 2017, through drug monitoring of people buying PrEP from the internet; it was discovered that generic versions bought from established online pharmacies were just like the non-generic Truvada which was more expensive. Moreover, none of the participants had contracted HIV since they started using drugs.

The availability of Truvada largely depends on your region and its subsequent policies on the use of antiretrovirals in the treatment of HIV. We’ll highlight different physical sources some countries have set up for the access of PrEP:


According to PrEPWatch, Canada has an estimated 4,700-5,200 PrEP users as of May 1, 2019. Both Gilead’s Truvada and the generic version have been approved. Canadians can access PrEP through the following avenues:

  • government clinics through state-sponsored programs;
  • research and implementation projects funded by various Non-Governmental Organizations;
  • clinical Trials funded by The Canadian Trial Network and Gilead Sciences.

However, accessing PrEP is governed by a set of criteria one has to satisfy. It’s perfectly legal to get Truvada from online pharmacies which don’t have laws and strict criteria controlling its usage.

United States

Clinical trialsAn estimated 268,000-273,000 people are using PrEP in the US according to PrEPWatch (a clearinghouse for data related to Truvada). A collaboration of government and non-government organizations have been able to make Truvada accessible through:

  • clinical trials;
  • demonstration campaigns. Real-life evaluation road tests designed to tackle particular barriers of introduction such as set-up points and ways users can integrate Truvada into their daily lives;
  • implementation projects. Large scale introduction campaigns that may or may not use government resources as the primary service delivery point;
  • state medical centers. Delivery through government clinics.

There are strict laws and guidelines before one can be eligible to receive PrEP from any of the above points. A large but undocumented number of users who buy generic PrEP online still get support and advice from government clinics and health centers.

United Kingdom

The UK is home to a current estimated number of 14,000-15,000 people who use PrEP according to PrEPWatch.

Two primary PrEP sources available in the UK are:

  • implementation projects. Real road tests on daily usage;
  • national level. Access through government clinics.

There are strict laws and guidelines before one can be eligible to receive PrEP from any of the above points. In London, PrEP bought online has been greatly associated with a big reduction in HIV among bisexuals and gay men. Health centers reported a 40% drop in emerging HIV infections between 2015 and 2016.

The reason why many people are purchasing PrEP from online pharmacies in England is that the National Health Service only provides access to small-scale trials, making many people in the UK opt for generic versions online. A large but undocumented number of users who buy PrEP from the internet still get support and advice from government clinics and health centers.


Rx drugs

In Singapore, the use of both Gilead’s Truvada and its generic options is not mainstream and hasn’t gained much traction. However, the government has been actively involved in sponsoring projects that aim to offer the drug in health facilities. Also, a number of private clinics can sell Truvada easily. In a few months to come, the drug will be easily accessible from more sources, as well. There are also several NGOs which are advocating to make the drug easily accessible and cheaper. There are no legal implications of buying the drug from online pharmacies and thus a lot of people prefer getting it from reliable sources online.


For an estimated 18,000-19,000 people who use Truvada in Australia, there are mainly three ways they get this antiretroviral drug:

  • prescribed purchase at a pharmacy; a reliable but expensive source;
  • overseas online pharmacy; a discreet and convenient method, at a fraction of the cost;
  • demonstration of drug trials.

The first state in Australia to use this drug on a demonstration trial was New South Wales, and they launched it in March 2016. HIV infections among gay individuals and bisexuals, a year after, dropped by nearly one-third.


As aggregated from demonstration projects, India has reported 600-800 PrEP users. This is of course on the lower side owing to a myriad of challenges in collecting the correct data. In India, generic versions of PrEP have been approved. The populace can get the drug through the following:

  • demonstration projects;
  • funding by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;
  • an NGO called HIV/AIDS Alliance that provides Truvada to people in hijra and transgender communities;
  • APCOM, a coalition of the United Nations, NGOs, and governments.

Some methods of accessing the drug require some strict guidelines to be met. However, getting PrEP from online pharmacies is an easier option.


Daily PrEP dosageAn estimated number of 7,400-7,900 people are currently using Truvada according to PrEPWatch. They also found its demand can vary substantially from city to city due to lifestyle and culture.

PrEP in Brazil can be obtained through:

  • demonstration campaigns. Real-life evaluation road tests designed to tackle particular barriers of introduction such as set-up points and ways users can integrate Truvada into their daily lives;
  • implementation trails. Road tests on daily usage;
  • prescribed purchase at a pharmacy. A reliable but expensive source.

The Brazilian government does allow the use of generic PrEP because of its affordability. Online sources of this version are mainly found in pharmacies like BuyPrEPOnline where you can get free samples without a prescription.

South Africa

The rate of HIV infections has drastically reduced since the introduction of PrEP projects in South Africa. An estimated 13,500-14,500 people are currently using it in the country.

This drug can be obtained through:

  • clinical trials;
  • implementation trails; road tests on daily usage;
  • prescribed purchase at a pharmacy; a reliable but expensive source.

Bottom Line?

The use of PrEP through the above-mentioned sources can bring attention to an individual’s lifestyle. Therefore, online pharmacies like BuyPrEPOnline offer these pills at a cheaper price, discreetly, and conveniently.

How to Buy Generic PrEP Pills Online Safely?

Buying PrEP online is absolutely safe. Some clinics will provide advice and support as well as monitor your progress after buying the drug online. While Buying PrEP from a website is safe, it’s very important that you get it from an online pharmacy that has a good reputation and sells the right type of drug.

Online order

PrEP medication is usually expensive and a lot of websites might decide to take advantage of this and sell fake products or “hot air.”

There is no risk in buying PrEP from BuyPrEPOnline. We offer a great generic drug, which is just as effective as the original one and FDA approved, at affordable prices. Generic drugs usually have the exact strength as the original brand-name drugs. They are made using the same standards and are effective and safe. The FDA only approves a generic drug if it has the same active ingredients as the brand-name medication. It’s worth mentioning that the exact tablets sold at BuyPrEPOnline are also used in other parts of the world and Africa, where patent protections don’t apply.

Do You Need a Prescription?

It’s not essential to have a prescription when buying PrEP online. Although it’s highly recommended that you should see a doctor before starting this medication, it’s not a stringent requirement that you get a prescription. The most important things the doctor should do is to run the prerequisite tests for starting a PrEP regimen and provide advice on the type of drugs one should take. A prescription should not be a bottleneck for getting PrEP from online pharmacies. Getting the drug from BuyPrEPOnline is easy and does not require one to have a prescription.

Users Also Ask

Users of PrEP usually have a myriad of questions regarding its usage and accessibility. Since the drug isn’t mainstream, a lot of information concerning the drug is shrouded in uncertainties. However, with all the efforts being put towards making the drug universally accessible, all this will change. The following are common questions users frequently ask.

How Much Does PrEP Cost per Month?

Usually, the cost one incurs monthly on Truvada is around $2,000. This out-of-pocket expense is high and prevents a lot of people from accessing this treatment. Many people choose not to use PrEP as an option to prevent HIV because of the general perception that the drug is very expensive. Fortunately, there’s good news; PrEP is not as expensive as people tend to think, thanks to generics.

So, the most obvious question now is, “How much will it cost a month?” BuyPrEPOnline offers special incentives and discounts. Such offers include a 6-month supply for only $1.66 per pill or $56 per bottle. If you visit the website, you’ll find great offers on generic Truvada.

How to Get Free Meds?

While there are some organizations that offer PrEP for free, they have strict eligibility guidelines, depending on the country, and have no privacy in terms of registration. Why bother with the strain of applying for a free prescription of Truvada from these trial campaigns when BuyPrEPOnline provides samples for you to try conveniently and discreetly before you make a final order?

Is It Safe to Buy Generic Drugs for PrEP?

Generic Truvada is absolutely safe. The manufacturers of this type of Truvada are doing so under license from Gilead. To be able to do this, there are stringent testing procedures and measures done to ensure that they produce a product that is equally as good as Truvada. Actually, a great number of patients in the US depend on generic imported drugs to treat HIV.

The Bottom Line: What Is the Best Option to Buy PrEP Meds?

Online pharmacyThe research has been done and there is no doubt about it – PrEP has changed the lives of many people who were at risk of HIV infection world-wide. However, most participants of the study mentioned above were worried about how much it would cost a month to acquire the drugs for themselves.

Awareness was created on how generic Truvada can easily be accessed. Although there are many hurdles in the sale and distribution of the drug in the world, you now won’t be stranded wondering where to buy PrEP. Fortunately, our online pharmacy offers affordable versions of PrEP to any country in the world. The BuyPrEPOnline website has plenty of great information as well as the current pricing for generic Truvada.